Alibaba Settles in new landmark EFC (European and American Financial City)!

September 19 21:18 2019

On September 19, the International Conference Hall of EFC (Euro America Financial City) in Hangzhou Future Sci-Technology City was crowded with celebrities. An event with the theme of “2019 EFC Star Shining Global Conference” has been solemnly held.

As the largest urban complex in Hangzhou, which is “20 years ahead of Hangzhou”, EFC is once again tied to the top 500 in the world. The Alibaba Group, the world’s leading Internet company, and EFC has signed the largest single office lease in the history of Hangzhou (over 70,000 square meters at UK Center T6 of EFC).

Why did Alibaba choose EFC? How to refine new financial and technological landmarks? What are the transformational effects of the new work and lifestyle?

The Trend of Global Internet Style Community

Nowadays, a technology-driven world is changing our horizons exponentially. High-tech needs imagination and creativity, concentration of creativity and space of freedom, openness, individuality and thought. EFC transplants Silicon Valley culture and builds an Internet style community for enterprises based on the office concept of international high-tech environment.

In EFC, about 15,000 square meters Central Art Parks are integrated with multiple functions such as leisure, sports and artistic activities. There are as many as five swimming pools, five roof gardens, eight commercial atriums, as well as corridors, bridges and lobbies all over the city, forming a dreaming place for sharing and interactive communications. Everything validates EFC’s simple idea of future space: architecture should be big enough, have its own characteristics, and also should make people feel happy.

EFC LIVE is a Euro-American style place for professionals. It is here to cater the living habits of employees in high-tech enterprises. In EFC, 8 hours work, 8 hours life and 8 hours entertainment can be perfectly fulfilled.

Let Hangzhou have World-class Office Buildings

The world-class planning of the project is indivisible with the stylish EFC internet community. As Hangzhou’s largest urban complex and the metro with a million-squared high-end commercial landmark, EFC is designed by the world’s top design firms such as Foster+Partners, Benoy and Gensler. Like Apple’s spaceship headquarters, the Apple Park is designed by Foster + Partners.

Under the design of the masters, EFC is located in the CBD core area of the future Sci-Technology City, with 12 LEED gold-grade certified office buildings over 100 meters tall as the main part. The tallest twin towers are 46 stories, up to 220 meters. The towering buildings show the luxury style of the financial city.

The first and unique nature of EFC is even more admirable. Five luxury turntable drop-off areas of about 1000 square meters, six lanes in two directions, 13 meters wide luxury rain shed, 200 meters long and 3800 square meters in area, 11 meters high giant floor glass is the same type of Asian Apple flagship store, up to 76 Swiss Schindler S7000 original imported elevators!

With such a highly planned and deployed EFC, it attracts well-known enterprises such as Byte Dance, Tiger Brokers, YF Capital, Bank of Beijing, Duoniu Capital, Tisiwi, Lianlian Technology, Chucheng, Mingde Automation, Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Industry, Huawei and so on.

EFC, a new world-class Internet technology landmark, will become the business card of the future technology city and even the cover of Hangzhou!

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