ASHLEE.K Delivers A Perfect Blend Of Emotion & Groove With EDM Track ‘Alone With You’

December 02 13:48 2019

Germany – ‘Alone With You,’ the latest hit EDM track from talented artist ASHLEE.K, comes to listeners worldwide with every element of a chart-topping single setting a perfect dance floor mood.

In ‘Alone With You,’ ASHLEE.K delivers a versatile and unique EDM and dance floor single that features a perfect blend of guitar, electronic bassline, synths, and grasping vocals for a powerful, theatric performance.

Starting with the guitar lick that resonates throughout the entirety of the track, followed by a bouncy beat and unique atmospheric vocals, ‘Alone With You’ has every element of a chart-topping single that is destined to resonate with listeners around the world. The chorus and verse contrast throughout complement one another and deliver an organic taste with the guitar, and which introduce electronic elements such as risers and bassline.

Throughout the single, ASHLEE.K proves again to be a dynamic and talented artist, showcasing his artistic creativity and versatility as a producer and musician.

ASHLEE.K is proving once more that music is able to push boundaries and connect people around the world. Due to this exceptional fusion, the track includes influences from many other genres. Together with other catchy hit songs, ASHLEE.K is producing a perfect dance floor mood.

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ASHLEE.K has been musically active since his youth, autodidactically learning to play guitar and starting his first band at the age of 18. Afterward, he founded his first professional band, Octave, which was successful in his home country and put on a great number of concerts and released a studio album along with various singles.

ASHLEE.K studied music theory at the ‘Conservatory of Music’ academy, producing and composing music for underground and major artists in Teheran and elsewhere. Because of his work, he came in contact with a various range of musical input, which finally led to his detection of electronic music. The “New Heights” project came to life a few years ago to produce a great EDM album featuring as many international artists as possible.

ASHLEE.K’s sound will catch you and let you dance by driving beats combined with emotional vocals that resonate with every listener.

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