January 07 13:36 2020

Kimsey Hollifield, Founder of Hollifield Financial Group
South Carolina’s Hollifield Financial is bucking the high-risk trend by focusing on safety. The respected firm promises to take the stress out of financial planning.

By Zoey Thompson

CHARLESTON, SC – At Hollifield Financial the motto is “Smart. Safe. Simple.” Founded on the belief that creating a sound financial portfolio isn’t about taking risks as much as it is about creating strategy, the chief goal is helping clients avoid the pitfalls of market trends and stock instabilities. 

When a person retires, the focus needs to be on a plan to preserve hard-earned assets and create some peace of mind. The goal should not include taking wild risks with money needed to last throughout the golden years. “Our clients come to us because they want to protect what they’ve saved and enjoy their retirement without having to react to unpredictable swings in the markets,” says Hollifield financial group founder, Kimsey Hollifield.

Hollifield believes that it’s his job to develop a plan that reduces risk and fees, provides more guaranteed income, and offers the opportunity for growth while eliminating the risk of loss. Not all of the products, he explains, are products that his clients have familiarity with before they arrive at his office. For example, there are insurance vehicles that follow the Stock Market Index in such a way that his clients earn more interest when it rises and lose nothing when it falls.   

“Growing wealth is important,” he says. “Keeping wealth is equally so. What we try to do is develop a strategy that not only works with our client’s savings and budget, but also enables them to legally avoid paying more taxes than absolutely necessary, allowing them to have more money to work with on a monthly basis. The plan that got you to retirement is often not the plan that will get you through retirement.”

Hollifield Financial has worked diligently to provide the highest level of service to all of their clients, holding their fiduciary responsibility with the respect it deserves.  They strive daily to provide the best products and information to their clients and steer their financial future into safe shores.

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