How 17-Year-Old Omar Kolashinac is Changing the Tech Industry

January 10 17:30 2020
Dominating Tech Marketing

17-year-old trending European Tech entrepreneur, Omar Kolashinac, has been having quite the year. As the digital advertising or Tech industry landscape continues to evolve, Omar is quickly earning his title as a major player in the space. In just three years, Omar’s portfolio of startups and clients has established him as a top competitor among other firms in the online business industry.

Not only does he indulge in the business of Tech alone, but he finds peace and joy in producing Techno music. The 17-year Tech Guru owns several e-commerce startups that have caught the eye of a magnitude of investors. His favorite business venture is creating ‘dropshipping stores’ which have gained massive interest in past years. In an interview with him, Omar commented “Sometimes when I see an opportunity in the market to sell a specific trending product, I act on the opportunity and execute immediately. I’ll setup a website that day and usually have my first sale before midnight. I’m just confident in my ability as a marketer to sell anything.”

Omar’s approach is completely different than most other marketers in the sense that he has strayed away from typical methods that are used in advertising. He says his goal is to produce viral and eye-catching content and he’s been practicing just that since last year. We expect nothing less than new innovations from Omar this year.

Omar constantly looks to influential Tech entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jack Ma, for inspiration and hopes to one day change the world just as they did.“I find it unbelievable how many people you can impact through the internet. The potential is limitless. You could completely change a person’s life for the better. I never thought my advertisements would be seen by tens of millions of people.”

Omar Kolashinac’s upbeat personality, philanthropic lifestyle, and positive energy culminate to make him one of the most sought after Tech entrepreneur for businesses to collaborate with in today’s world. The celebrated 17-year old European Tech Guru has plans to drastically change the industry and its reputation as he continues to influence the field. Regarding his future Omar states “My goal is to pass the torch along and provide as much help as I can to other young entrepreneurs. I’m hoping to speak at as many events as I possibly can in the near future.”

Omar is poised to become one of the best Tech entrepreneurs of all time. Following his recent success rate one can tell that Omar’s career is on an exponential incline. Coupled with drive and passion for his work, Omar believes his determination is unstoppable.

About Omar Kolashinac

Omar Kolashinacis a lionized marketer and Tech entrepreneur from the European region. He also has the ability in producing Techno music which is a passion he has had ever since he was a little kid. Omar Kolashinac generated a lot of income during the big dropshipping break in 2016 and ever since then he has been developing different sites to test the waters and see what he can get out of it. Using the dropshipping business model he has been growing and scaling brands with lightning speed.

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