Fiber Internet Is a Great Option for the Home

September 17 07:27 2020
Fiber Internet Is a Great Option for the Home

Fiber Internet has earned a reputation for excellence among business owners and office employees, yet until recently, it received relatively little attention from Louisiana residents as a home option. Thankfully, all that is changing and fiber-optic connections are making their way into homes across the state. Read on to find out why.

Fiber Is Faster

Fiber-optic Internet offers the fastest speeds around, even when multiple devices are connected. That makes it perfect for modern households that rely heavily on the Internet. Parents who work from home can video conference with their colleagues at the same time as their kids complete online learning tasks, play video games, or chat with their friends without ever having to worry about the simultaneous connections causing problems.

Perfect for Streaming Services

With more households than ever moving away from cable TV and making the switch to online streaming services, in-home entertainment has become a heavily Internet-dependent affair. With fiber Internet from EATEL, viewers won’t have to worry about constant buffering or restricting their use of streaming services to just one or two devices. Everyone in the family can watch whatever he or she wants without slowing down the load times.

Perfect for Gaming

Parents of teens who love playing video games can do their kids a huge favor by switching to fiber-optic Internet. The low latency and ping speeds associated with this form of Internet connection provide a much better gaming experience and can even lend avid gamers a competitive edge. It’s perfect for multi-player online role-playing games, where fast connection speeds can make a huge difference in terms of both gameplay and competitive advantage.

Great for Smart Homes

With the popularity of smart home technology on the rise, modern households have more connected devices than ever. All those devices use up bandwidth, from smart TVs to video doorbells and home security systems. Switching to fiber Internet is the most effective way to keep all of them working as intended without causing speeds to come screeching to a halt. Visit to learn about available packages for modern households replete with smart home technology.

Incredible Reliability

Traditional Internet connections are very susceptible to extreme weather events. Given that families rely on the Internet to get information about hurricanes, flooding, lightning storms, and other potentially dangerous weather events, that can be a serious problem. Households with fiber-optic Internet will be less prone to connection problems during storms, so as long as their power stays on, families will have nothing to worry about.

Ease of Maintenance

When residents work with a reliable fiber Internet service provider, they won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to complicated system maintenance. Most issues can be dealt with remotely. That means there’s not even any need for sending a technician out to the house.

Make the Switch Today

Ready to make the switch? Trust a company that offers everything from residential fiber-optic Internet to data back-up and recovery services, and more. Visit to find out more or call to discuss options today.

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