IT Giants like Apple, Facebook, and WIMI’s Efforts in 5G+AI vision application of Hologram AR

October 27 01:15 2020

Hong Kong – Recently, AR has become popular again. It was revealed that Apple is about to launch its AR glasses, called Apple Glass. The glasses look like ordinary glasses and feature a new 3D sensor system that can work with the iPhone. Meanwhile, a new Apple patent on VR glasses has been unveiled, which enables to control the device through eye movements, winks, and stares, as well as using “touch mode for input and Siri.” Not only that, Facebook, Google, and WIMI are all deployed in this field. Financing and mergers and acquisitions of related technology companies are also in full swing. Is the spring of AR coming?

A few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company plans to release its first AR glasses in 2021. Although the company’s Oculus division has emerged as a leading supplier of VR headsets, Facebook has touted “augmented reality” (AR) as the next major frontier in computing, and the release date that could bring the next generation of technology to the masses may be earlier than expected.

WIMI Hologram AR was founded in 2015. After five years, it has grown into one of China’s leading holographic cloud integrated technology solutions providers. The company offers holographic vision AI synthesis and hologram AR interactive software development. According to the industry, 5G will realize the true interconnection of everything, and bring unlimited possibilities for mobile communications. Holographic video calls that appeared in science fiction movies in the past may also come true in the 5G era. Holographic virtual display technology is expected to become one of the most important breakthroughs for smart terminals in the future. At present, technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, and WIMI have deployed in the field of holography.

In the development trend of terminals, content, and networks, the cloud has become inevitable, and 5G plays a prominent role in it. Operators’ cloud and 5G future-oriented converged application models have created new services and give birth to new architectures.

In fact, under the influence of 5G concept, the AR field received high attention from capital last year. The popularity of AR in 2019 kept rising. In the first half of last year alone, the sector received 12.469 billion yuan of financing, including 13 cases of AR hardware financing, with a total financing amount of 3.482 billion yuan. AR optical module financing reached 5 cases, and the total financing amount reached 472 million yuan. As for chip financing, it reached 2 cases, with a total financing amount of 380 million yuan. There are four AR platform financing cases, with a total financing amount of 320 million yuan. Even VR/AR content providers are also favored by the capital. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, raised two financings with a total financing amount of 2.9 billion yuan.

However, with the continuous deepening and integration of 5G technology and AR/VR new media business, it is believed that 5G, with features such as high speed, large capacity, and low latency, will bring revolutionary changes to AR, and AR/VR technology will become more and more applied in people’s daily life.

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