Hospital Tech, Household Device: VectorFree debuts its Flagship VF Purity Kit

October 28 05:33 2020
Hospital Tech, Household Device: VectorFree debuts its Flagship VF Purity Kit
Killing microbes 15 minutes at a time: VectorFree makes UV-C sterilization available for all

VectorFree is a powerbank company based in Southern California. Vectorfree is setting a new trend with the release of its flagship product, the VF Purity Kit. The VF purity kit is an innovative combo of a UV sterilizer power bank and an antimicrobial phone case. It may seem like overkill at first, but there is a method to the madness.

Released during the 2020 pandemic, the VF Purity Kit offers a solution to a very novel and persistent problem. As it turns out, the average phone screen has 18 times the microbes found on a public toilet. Phones actually can be a pathogen vector, spreading it all around with plenty of literature detailing how.

The VF Purity Kit contains two items: a silver-infused antimicrobial phone case and a UV-C sanitizer/powerbank. Both of these have sterilizing properties for one’s phone, facemask, gloves, keys, etc. The silver ion nanotechnology in the antimicrobial phone case kills bacteria and microbes via disabling crucial enzymes and cellular processes. The UV-C powerbank however, is even more impressive. UV-C light can alter the DNA and proteins of bacteria and viruses, causing them to die and stop reproducing. UV-C light has also been proven to destroy the protein coat of coronaviruses. UV-C light, like in the VF Purity Kit, is a staple in research laboratories and hospitals across the nation.

What separates the VF Purity Kit from other UV-C sanitizers on the market is not just its convenience or aesthetics, but its safety. Studies have shown that UV-C wavelengths become harmful and transmissible particularly at wavelengths larger than 254nm. The VF Purity Kit not only utilizes an enclosure with a lower UV-C intensity, it also has an integrated timer that turns the lights off with the end of the cycle. The 15-minute setting, while longer than others on the market, is designed to make certain that the object placed inside is thoroughly sanitized.

Aside from its sterilizing qualities, the VF Purity kit can boast a 4000mAh charge, making it useful as a portable device. One can now keep one’s phone, facemask, and keys sanitized and/or charged throughout the day, whether at home, work, or school.

As they say: Hospital Tech, Household Device.

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