As 2020 is Coming to a Close, This Merchant Account Company Offers Small Business a Way to Finish the Year With Stronger Cash Flow

November 17 04:15 2020
As 2020 is Coming to a Close, This Merchant Account Company Offers Small Business a Way to Finish the Year With Stronger Cash Flow
5 Star Processing offers merchant accounts and payment solutions that can businesses up to 90% of their payment processing costs.

2020 has been a rough year for business owners all over the nation, and has also made it more difficult to start a new business.

One of the hurdles a new or a growing business must overcome is being able to accept credit card payments. While it’s easy for consumers to accept payments from other consumers, businesses face some challenges.

One of them is getting a so-called merchant account that makes it possible to receive and process credit card payments for goods and services in a safe and reliable way, protecting both the business and its customers. Californian 5 Star Processing was started two years ago to help businesses do just that.

Giving all businesses a chance

5 Star Processing was born out of a need for a better payment gateway and merchant account solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The company has spent seven years in banking working on payment solutions, and saw how many businesses never stood a chance of getting a high-risk merchant account or a payment gateway with traditional banks.

5 Star saw that many business owners struggled with growing their business and couldn’t trust their cash flow month to month. As they often couldn’t get a merchant account from a regular bank, they would instead patch together services like PayPal, CashApp and Stripe into their own home-made systems.

And while it worked for some of these entrepreneurs, they had to suffer losing a big cut of their hard-earned revenues to cover the high fees of these services. Worse yet, some businesses even experienced having their account shut down with no warning with all of their funds frozen, bringing their business to the brink of death.

With that in mind, 5 Star Processing was started to offer new and existing businesses a merchant account that is guaranteed to have lower fees than the giants like PayPal, Stripe, and other popular payment services. They also offer competitively priced POS systems to those customers that have brick and mortar stores.

In addition to being a cheaper solution, this Californian company provides a more personable service experience, with a very short turnaround time when it comes to customer requests.

Eager to help their customers improve their cash flows and boost their revenue, 5 Star Processing is also offering an affiliate program and a credit card solution.

Serving a diverse mixture of clients

Since its inception two years ago, 5 Star Processing has already worked with more than 5,261 businesses all over the The United States. Their clients include restaurants, car repair shops, truck towing companies, moving companies, as well as retail and wholesale businesses. The 5 Star Processing staff is waiting to help more businesses during COVID and can be reached through their website at

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