Now on Kickstarter, the first solid Bronze Mechanical Watch

November 17 20:24 2020
Looking for support from the community via Kickstarter for a groundbreaking project

Ka Tat Tai, a professional watchmaker with years of experience in the industry has just announced the campaign on Kickstarter for the newest bronze mechanical automatic watch. This watch has been made with CuSn8, a strengthened alloy of Copper with 8% Tin, both combining to form the alloy Bronze. Bronze is far more resistant to corrosion than copper and has a long-lasting life. The watch is designed to look good and each part of the watch matches the aesthetic design and gives a complete and consistent look.

Some people have a bronze allergy, and wearing any bronze product can harm their skin. To prevent this harmful situation from happening, the developer of the watch tried many solutions. Finally, the solution that was the most well-suited was to apply a layer of plastic coating at the bottom of the bands. This plastic coating will not even be felt and can’t be withered away, thus protecting the skin. The plastic coating combined with bronze on top has been given the name of “Protected CuSn8 Bronze Bands”.

The Protected CuSn8 Bronze Bands is the most important breakthrough by the company. Aside from protecting the skin, the patination keeps growing, letting the looks to be more consistent with the Oyster watch case and thus demonstrating the antique look of the watch. The Oyster watch case has always been a prevalent design, used by many small and large watch brands. This watch is stylized to look from the era of 1970s, harmonizes with CuSn8 Bronze, and with slight modifications on the case top up with spur-gear and aluminum bezel, the watch is given a more bulky and muscular look.

Individuals interested in the watch can visit the campaign’s Kickstarter page at: 

Setting up the website is very useful for such a business, in order to make it not look like a scam. The funds received will be put to use to make and set up the website. The creator is also working with several microbrands in order to promote and get the watch recognized. The self-own factory by the company is the biggest advantage that can be leveraged to higher amounts of production. 300 watch cases have been built and 300 watch bands are in process.


With years of experience as a watchmaker, Tai is ambitious to roll out The Bronze Mechanical Automatic Watch. He believes that this watch and the technology used, The Protected CuSn8 Bronze Bands is one of the most groundbreaking products in the watch industry. The watch is stylish, manly, durable, water-resistant, mechanical and long-lasting. The watch will amplify the looks of the wearer.

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