CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the San Marcos, Texas Area’s Foundation and Leveling Needs

November 18 06:27 2020
CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the San Marcos, Texas Area's Foundation and Leveling Needs

No two homes have the same foundation, even if they appear to be similar. Depending on the soil type, drainage conditions, structural layout, and weight of construction materials, homes will shift in different ways. As soon as a homeowner notices there is a problem, professional foundation repair experts should be contacted. With different options available for both concrete slab and pipe and beam foundations, the team of levelers will quickly determine which method will be most effective and consult with the homeowner on how to proceed.

A Reliable Leveling Company in Southern Texas

Cosmetic foundation damage might make homeowners think that something severe is happening when it’s just a result of weathering. Dishonest repair services may mislead customers and convince them that extensive work is needed, but the experts at CenTex Foundation Repair pride themselves on being open and honest when it comes to what a customer truly needs. With over three decades of service in San Marcos, TX, and the surrounding area, this team will thoroughly evaluate each situation to determine which leveling process to institute or if major repairs are even necessary.

Free Inspections Can Reveal a Lot About a Foundation

The first step in foundation repair is to schedule a professional inspection where a leveling expert will search for any visible leveling issues, take measurements of the floor to look for elevation loss, and draw up a structural detail of the home to help create the quote. This inspection comes free of charge and provides the homeowner with a better understanding of what will be involved, the type of warranty available, and how expensive the process will be. To get this process started, visit https://welevelit.com/schedule/.

Repair Processes Vary Depending on the Style of Foundation

Depending on the type of foundation a home in San Marcos, TX, has, there are different repair processes to make it level again. The most common foundation is the concrete slab, which can be fixed either through a Centerbeam Steel Pier or Concrete Pressed Piling. Both are effective, but the steel pier is stronger and lasts longer, which also means it comes with a higher price tag.

The Strongest Slab Foundation Repair

The Centerbeam Steel Pier method was developed by CenTex and is positioned underneath the concrete grade beam rather than bracketed to the side, a technique many other companies use. Since the pier is centered under the grade beam, it must be hydraulically driven into the ground until the density of the earth stops it. This ensures stability and doesn’t rely on a bracket to stay intact while supporting the weight of the home.

An Affordable Way to Repair a Sinking Slab

The installation of Concrete Pressed Piling is a less expensive method of leveling for homeowners who are on a strict budget. This process involves driving concrete cylinders under the grade beam until the earth will no longer give. It is just as effective as the steel piers but isn’t as strong or durable in underground conditions. Visiting https://welevelit.com/ will provide homeowners with more information on these two processes as well as detailed diagrams.

Older Foundations Require a Unique Repair Method

Outside of a slab foundation, older homes often utilize a pier and beam system. Many leveling companies don’t know how to fix this type of foundation, but the experts at CenTex have plenty of experience doing so. The process begins by jacking up the foundation beams and removing the old support piers. Holes are then shaped for the new footings before adding rebar and concrete. Once that has cured, hydraulic jacks level the structure so the concrete pier caps, or Sonotube Piers, can be poured to the proper height under the foundation beams.

Coverage for All Repair Processes

Regardless of the process used, CenTex provides lifetime guarantees on all of their work. Homeowners who choose the Centerbeam Steel Pier method will receive a transferable lifetime warranty. Those who went with a Concrete Pressed Piling or the Sonotube Piers service receive a lifetime service agreement. With either guarantee, the levelers will fix all problems that may arise without question, providing homeowners with the security of never needing to worry about their home’s foundation again.

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