SBS Print Sdn Bhd reveal why printing services are still relevant for businesses

November 18 19:52 2020
SBS Print Sdn Bhd reveal why printing services are still relevant for businesses

Printing Services
Before the birth of the Internet, offline marketing was the ultimate promotional tool for both business owners and entrepreneurs trying to promote their companies. However with the advent of IR 4.0 and the exponential growth of the Internet, offline marketing has steadily faded into the background as both brands and marketers have shifted their attention to digital marketing.

In the world of digitalization & automation, most advertising is typically done online, and many companies have begun to disregard and fail to realise how important print-based marketing is. This can be seen by people as simply an unnecessary cost or even as completely wasteful and a waste of money, but not all of this assumption is right.

It is estimated that the global printing market is 8 times the size of the digital industry and also rivals the vast automotive industry. Print marketing has the ability to do great things for business and company, from growing brand recognition to increasing revenue streams. Printing will easily adapt from brochures to posters to a wide variety of offline marketing purposes, and more. Here are some insights that may help readers understand the importance of printing services in Malaysia.

Offline/Printing Ads will hit a broad audience

Printing allows business to reach a much wider market, particularly in their local area. For example, printing flyers allow a mass distribution of the market which means that they can reach a wide audience without investing a lot of money. Apart from the fact that the older generation is much more linked to conventional marketing than to online marketing, printing and advertisement are much easier to persuade.

Lasting impression of printing material

Physically printed ads, such as brochures, posters, bunting & banners, allow the business target audience to have something tangible that belongs to their brand. Unlike brief online advertisements that can disappear into the background, a clear reminder of the brand will last longer in the minds of targeted customers, producing higher leads and conversions.

Offline/printing content seems more credential

When companies use high-quality business card or poster printing, they add a degree of authenticity and protection to the brand and purpose. Customers typically notice different types of printing, particularly if they are of high quality and contain good material, and are more likely to engage with companies with a credible printing approach. Good quality printing leaves a strong first impression on potential buyers, which is important for companies as it offers the reputation required to create a loyal customer base.

Offline marketing can draw attention

A successful start-up or recognition-seeking start-up is to concentrate on a city and start marketing your company and services to your target audience locally. What better way to get started than by handing out pocket tissue, distributing leaflets, pasting table stickers, or even putting up bunting or banners that identify the company, goods and services in a vibrant and eye-catching way to get noticed?

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