The Mobile Tan and Salon Bronzing Prep Guide

November 18 23:31 2020

The ‘go-to’ tanning salon and mobile tan experts in New York have released their top tips for ensuring a flawless bronzed look.

Gotham Glow on Broadway, which has recommendations and rave reviews from almost every magazine and newspaper in the region, prides itself on creating beautiful tans for its customers in-salon and with their special mobile appointments. But they have warned clients that they need to do their bit too.

The popular salon has created a list of top tips to help its customers achieve the results they are looking for. Whether it is a gentle glow, airbrush finish or something a bit more of a vacation look, it is important to prep for a bronzing session.

A spokesman from Gotham Glow said: “We will do everything we can in our power to create the look our customers are looking for, but they can help us get the best coverage and help it to last longer if they follow a few simple but very effective tips.”

The Gotham Glow Bronzing Prep and Pamper Tips

  • Use an oil free scrub to help remove any dead skin cells and get rid of the remnants of your last tan. Exfoliating will give you smooth and uniform skin that means your tan will go on evenly and not go patchy
  • Make sure you remove any hair 24 hours before you come for your tan. It just gives the skin time to calm down if it has been inflamed by waxing and time for any cuts to heal. And if you do shave or wax too close to a tan, the liquid can seep into the open pores and cause dark dots on the skin instead of an even tone.
  • Don’t book a wax straight after or it will just wax it off. People do!
  • Have a shower just before a tan. It is important to wash off any sweat or dirt on the skin or it might impact the absorption of the tan
  • Don’t use oil-based lotions on the day of a tan as it will impact on the absorption of the spray
  • Make sure to moisturize hands, knees, ankles, feet and elbows well in the days running up to your tan to help create an even look
  • Remove all make up, perfume and deodorant with a cleansing wipe before so they don’tinterfere with the tan
  • In the 24 hours before a tan, don’t use products containing retinoids and hydroxy acids. These skincare products increase the turnover of cells and this will cause the tan to fade quicker
  • For the super keen – use a pH balanced spray as a primer to help the tan last longer.

About Gotham Glow

Gotham Glow is a renowned and highly recommended tanning salon on Broadway in New York. It offers an in salon and mobile service for clients looking for a professional spray tan at any time of the day or night. Tamar Vezirian founded the salon in 2006 and started offering 15-minute mobile tanning sessions for busy executives and the business grew from there. 

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