Cyberium offers an integrated calendar app to make scheduling meetings and appointments seamless.

February 09 21:18 2021
Cyberium offers an integrated calendar app to make scheduling meetings and appointments seamless.
Cyberium believes that an efficient application leads to faster time to market and an overall better experience. Their mission is to simply high availability, highly scalable, and highly distributed application design, hosting, and delivery.

Cyberium is a low-code platform for building highly efficient and integrated utility apps. Efficiency is at the core of their design principles and this leads to an increase in the speed of economic cycles which then leads to a more equitable society. To bring new experiences and different ways of thinking, Cyberium uses the power of technology. By leveraging cloud, BPMN, blockchain, AI, and other digital technologies, they help make the business of mass utility apps simple and easy to scale. Behind the company is a team of passionate and dedicated engineers and developers with years of experience in the field. Through their efforts and collective skills and experience, they help build Cyberium into a successful platform.

Cyberium’s calendar app is a great tool to help with productivity. Scheduling meetings with leads, clients, and other service seekers will be made easier with the help of their calendar app. The app can solve the very common timing problem that most calendar apps have. It can eliminate the many back-and-forths on available slots to make scheduling meetings easier. The app can also address the context problem since mature and professional meetings need to have a format. Cyberium’s calendar app solves this by having a standard format that applies to different kinds of meetings. Lastly, the app solves the follow-up problem. It avoids following mail instructions from getting lost and minimizes reminders for follow up work. More information about the app is available on

Cyberium’s calendar app is already in the middle of its beta test and soon to be available for public use. However, other products are in the works. Money Manager is one such product by Cyberium and it makes money management that much smoother and easier. This is great news for cryptocurrency traders. Cyberium’s custodial services make it possible to operate global payments instantaneously. Users can leverage dynamic reconciliations and fly-by blockchain exchanges for different trades and transactions. This decentralization of money along with Cyberium’s full control makes investment, wealth, and cash experience better than all other similar services. For more information about Cyberium’s Synthetic Money, interested customers can check out the link

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