TREND45, Giving Content Creators & Artists A Revolutionary Way To Travel, Build Their Portfolio & Create Content

October 20 15:26 2021
TREND45, Giving Content Creators & Artists A Revolutionary Way To Travel, Build Their Portfolio & Create Content
Shared space for like-minded people, helping people create connections with others around the world

TREND45 is bringing a new meaning to content creation and traveling the world. The company is dedicated to supporting content creators and artists with its revolutionary traveling methods. TREND45 specializes in hosting international events to facilitate industry networking, artistic growth, travel and creative inspiration for content creators. This is achieved through facilitating excursions, hotels and all locations for artists and content creators.

Established in 2018 in Detroit, Michigan, TREND45 has since hosted 18 events with over 1000 guests in attendance. With about 40-50 guests at a time, TREND45 is creating a closer sense of community and allowing its guests to get to know each other better and create ever-lasting friendships 

With TREND45, photographers, models, creatives, and artists of all kinds who wish to build their portfolios have an opportunity to do so while experiencing the world with a driven, open-minded, and welcoming team. TREND45 also works with brands that want access to high-quality, branded content, and powerful marketing experience-driven strategies.

TREND45 gives content creators and artists an opportunity to travel, network, imagine and aspire. Travelers can choose their desired destination and travel to the most beautiful places on earth. This is made possible through TREND45’s itinerary, which is curated from start to end. On such trips, content creators and indeed other artists have the opportunity to expand their network and platforms as they get to meet and collaborate with others in the industry or bring friends to luxury locations around the world. It is also the perfect medium for influencers and photographers to work together to create out of this world content.

Aside from engaging in the creation of portfolio-building media on events hosted by TREND45, content creators and artists will also experience cultural immersion, stay in luxury accommodation in astounding locations with top-tier hospitality, cuisine, and a wide variety of compelling excursions. With each event, TREND45 also creates a safe space, especially for women, in the modeling, photography and content creating industry. 

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