Eazea Smart Digital Lock Secure Commercial and Residential Premises in Singapore and Safeguard Life and Property

October 26 01:12 2021
The Eazea digital lock by Eazea is a robust and safe option for offices and homes in Singapore that wish to secure their premises. The range of locks available with this vendor also includes other popular brands. The choice available delivers convenient and easily controllable security to users.

According to announcements released by Eazea and Ivan Lee, this manufacturer and vendor of digital locks offers the Eazea smart digital lock in a range of styles and features. The locks provide a diverse feature set to choose from. Access methods include RFID, keys, password, Bluetooth, fingerprint, and PIN. 

The range of feature sets available on digital lock Singapore serves a diverse customer base. Warehouses and factories can choose locks that offer a fire safety function to mitigate fire risk. Homes and banks can consider the external double locking device. The alarm function alerts owners in case of a break-in or theft. Some locks work with Google Home and Google Assistant. 

Some of the top brands available through the Eazea website are the Philips digital lock and the Samsung digital lock systems. Customers can ensure the security of their property even in their absence by installing the most relevant digital lock accessories for their needs. These brands are renowned for products featuring excellent quality, security, ruggedness.

Eazea has more than 700 positive reviews on Facebook and Google and is the most trusted Singaporean company selling conventional digital locks. The digital locks available with Eazea can be fitted on any door, whether metal, wood, or composite. They work fine with sliding doors, main doors, and gates. 

For more information, go to https://www.eazea.sg/

Ivan Lee of Eazea said, “Unlike a physical key, a digital door lock employs electric and digital technology to lock and unlock a door. It is operated by alkaline batteries, and it can be accessed in a variety of ways – keypads or using code, fingerprint (biometric), Bluetooth, or using radiofrequency through a smart card. Heightening your security by using a digital door lock gives you freedom from worrying about your loved ones, your properties, and valuable items left unsecured at home.

“Not only do digital door locks bring convenience to you and your family members, but it also saves you from headaches when you lose your key at home or in the office.

“Having digital door locks allows full control of your setting – you can choose when to remove, add or change the access. On the other hand, having duplicate keys might get you in trouble as you wouldn’t notice right ahead that someone may pick it up when you accidentally lose it and use it instead to get into your house. In Singapore, Digital locks are just as safe as manual key locks. But it is always better to safeguard your access code by covering your hands when typing it. Also, ensure that the password you use is not easy to guess. If you are uncertain of its security feature, fearing possible hacks, you may consider buying from popular brands. Those have extra layers of security protection from hacking.”

About the Company:

Eazea Smart Lock is a top supplier of a range of digital locks. Apart from stocking its brand, it also carries digital locks by Philips and Samsung. The company’s customers are offices, factories, apartments, single-family homes, etc. The locks provide options in security not available with traditional locks.

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