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November 19 18:06 2021
The difference between a vertical lathe and an ordinary lathe is that its spindle is vertical. Because the worktable is in a horizontal position, it is suitable for processing heavy parts with large diameters and short lengths.

Vertical lathes can generally be divided into the single-column type and double-column type. Small vertical turning machines are generally made of single-column type, and large vertical lathes are made of double-column type. The main feature of the vertical lathe structure is that its spindle is in a vertical position. The main feature of the vertical lathe is: the worktable is in the horizontal plane, and the installation and adjustment of the workpiece are more convenient. The worktable is supported by guide rails, with good rigidity and smooth cutting. There are several tool holders, and the tool can be changed quickly.

The vertical lathe can process inner and outer cylinders, conical surfaces, end planes, grooves, chamfers, etc., and it is more convenient for workpiece clamping and correction operations.

The double-column vertical lathe is a piece of large-scale mechanical equipment used to process large and heavy workpieces with large radial dimensions but relatively small axial dimensions and complex shapes. Such as the cylindrical surface, end surface, conical surface, cylindrical hole, a conical hole of various discs, wheels, and sets of workpieces. It can be used for threading, spherical turning, profiling, milling, and grinding with the help of additional devices. Compared with the horizontal lathe, the workpiece is clamped on the inside of the clamp of the horizontal lathe. The spindle axis of the CNC vertical lathe is in a vertical layout, and the worktable is in a horizontal plane, so it is more convenient to clamp and align the workpiece. This layout reduces the load of the spindle and bearing, so the CNC vertical lathe can maintain the working accuracy for a long time

Vertical Turning Machine 

Main parts structure feature:

Vertical tool rest is both feed by the double speed motor drive. Vertical tool rest through the feed box, screw nut drive tool post for horizontal movement, through the polished rod, bevel gear, screw nut to get the vertical movement of the too ram, tool rest fast moving motor installed in the feed box on the fast implementation.

Feeding box adopts the electromagnetic clutch, therefore, no matter fast moving or feeding movement, as well as the choice of direction by button on the site button control. Tool rest fast moving or feed in the positive or opposite direction by the motor and reversing.

Vertical tool rest made of the beam slide, the rotary slide and ram of three parts. Vertical tool rest ram adopt T ram. Vertical tool rest with the pentagon of tool set, with the move of tool on the manipulation can relax, rotary, and clamping. Tool rest horizontal movement and vertical movement of the ram can be centralized control, also can be operated by hand wheel. Vertical tool rest ram weight balancing by the hydraulic balance cylinder balance in order to get up and down the force is close.

On the vertical tool rest of the pentagon set, equipped with a 90mm deep hole and two tighten screw hole cutter bar, used for installation of the drilling and reaming tools, the remaining four holes are normal tool holder centering hole.

The Vertical Turning Machine large part adopt high strength and low stress cast iron parts, the cold and hot failure treatment, carries on the finite element method to calculate both structure, machine has high rigidity, good accuracy stable characteristics.

Beam by hydraulic oil cylinder through the lever beam firmly clamped on the columns, elevator buttons, press the button on the beams through the electromagnetic valve inlet direction, relax the beam, and lifting by ac motor to make it move.


Vertical Turning Machine Application industry

Mainly used in electric motors, hydraulic turbines, aviation, mining machinery, Textile machinery, metallurgy, and general machinery industries.


Mining machinery


Wind power industry


Vertical lathes are used for high-efficiency precision turning and compound turning and milling combined processing of wind turbine bearings of large motor bases and large disk parts such as wheels, motor housings, valves, flanges, pumps, etc.



Vertical lathes are used for high-efficiency precision turning and compound turning and milling combined processing of wind turbine bearings of large motor bases and large disk parts such as wheels, motor housings, valves, flanges, pumps, etc.


We recommend the following two vertical lathes for processing large parts.

VTL-CM Vertical turning lathe

VTL CNC Vertical turning Lathe is our new design product for the market demand for solving the key processing technology. It is moving beam single column CNC Vertical turning lathe  with new structure design,technology research,machine debugging etc.

The main parts use the China and foreign famous brand like the CNC control,main electric parts,main bearings,ball screw,main hydraulic parts etc.

The introduction of mature technology,reliable selection of imported fittings,and our advanced processing,testing ways,to ensure that the machine has high machining accuracy,high rigidity,high reliability,and have a feature of rational layout.


This CNC Vertical Lathe is a compound machine tool that combines turning and grinding onto one machine tool. The  CNC Vertical Lathe  is a fixed-beam single-column CNC double-tool holder vertical lathe. The machine tool consists of a rotating worktable, a speed change mechanism, an integrated column, a beam, left and right tool holder, a control system, and an independent hydraulic control system. The left tool post is a grinding head tool post, and the right tool post is a CNC turning tool post. The machining objects of this lathe-grinding composite machine tool are disc parts, including simple parts such as turning and grinding of the outer cone and inner cone. The turning tool holder and the grinding wheel holder are arranged on both sides of the machine tool. The tool holder and the grinding wheel are in the process of processing. The frame moves horizontally and vertically along the respective guide rails. The spindle drives the workpiece to rotate to complete turning and grinding.

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