New thought-provoking book on organizational culture released by USA Today best-selling authors Drs. Phillip Meade and Laura Gallaher

November 20 08:21 2021

USA Today best-selling authors Drs. Phillip Meade and Laura Gallaher have announced the release of their thought-provoking exploration of organizational culture, The Missing Links: Launching a High Performing Company Culture. The authors have designed this guide to empower leaders and show companies how to develop a sustainable competitive edge by leveraging their greatest asset—people. At the heart of Gallaher Edge is the drive to evolve humanity and this book is part of its effort to impact as many people as possible.

In The Missing Links, Drs. Gallaher and Meade draw upon decades of experience with NASA and a high-profile accident investigation to deliver a practical guide to learning intentionally, cultivating individual self-awareness, and linking employees together as a team. Too often, companies fail to address the human behavioral element of organizational leadership.

The Missing Links takes leaders beyond the concept of command and control. Adaptation requires evolution, and there are no better teachers than Drs. Meade and Gallaher. With analytical skills honed in the aftermath of the Columbia shuttle disaster, these expert authors provide readers with an actionable roadmap to effect meaningful organizational change.

From C-suite executives to Human Resources leaders, The Missing Links is perfect for leaders in any industry. True organizational growth requires commitment, and Drs. Gallaher and Meade methodically explain the value of company culture in easily relatable terms. The Missing Links also includes bonus content, assessments, and videos for personalization and further learning.

The authors define the difference between a “good” culture and a truly effective one and show why understanding this difference is so important – especially in zero-sum fields like aerospace.  Adam Grant, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Think Again, describes The Missing Links as “a hands-on guide to building and evolving values, norms and routines” written by “the dynamic duo that led NASA’s culture transformation.”

In a time of global upset and an evolution of what a workplace means, The Missing Links is an especially important addition to the conversation about company culture. Because the model developed by Drs. Meade and Gallaher is a human-centric strategy, it puts the humanity back into business by showing that applying the science of human behavior is the way to make your culture your competitive edge.

The Missing Links: Launching a High Performing Company Culture is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and the Kindle version is priced at $0.99 for a limited time.

Dr. Phillip Meade is an industrial engineer, strategy expert, professional speaker, and USA Today best-selling author. Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist, professional speaker, leadership coach, and USA Today best-selling author. Together, they created a recovery plan to return to flight and drive organizational change in the aftermath of the fatal Columbia disaster. They are the joint founders of Gallaher Edge, a consulting company for leaders.

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