Special equipment vehicle for MMA plural component road marking. Korea’s new road marking leader, (LLC) FREELINE

November 22 02:48 2021

(LLC) FREELINE is a company that manufactures and produces MMA road marking vehicles. And it specializes in road marking special equipment vehicles, systematizing the manual painting method into full automation. 

Driving skills and equipment operating skills for road marking vehicles must be excellent with enough experience. Instead of spraying from the rear wheels, FREELINE MMA special vehicles applied the patented front frame design to secure a clear view for spraying from the front for more efficient road marking. It already has 4 patents and attracts the industry’s attention because it saves the manufacturing costs, working hours, and personnel expenses. 

The marking system consists of a hydraulic paint pump, ultrasonic sensor, high-pressure agitator, general agitator, paint hose, automatic high-pressure washer, encoder, etc. According to the purpose of road marking, the system can be used for safety delineation lines, guardrails, delineation lines on boundary stones, and public roads. 

The domestic road marking uses water-soluble, hot melts and MMA plural component road marking paints for expressways, national highways, and public roads. But such paints have problems for safe driving because, after painting, the visibility of roads on rainy nights is reduced by the friction of tires, causing the glass beads to be chipped-off and later reducing the luminance of the lines. 

The road marking is being gradually expanded to the existing European style through trial marking that uses MMA plural component road marking paint. Therefore, it will be an excellent opportunity to introduce FREELINE’s MMA plural component road marking special vehicle to the American and European market. 

An official from (LLC) FREELINE said, “With 4 patented and specialized technology, we will stretch ourselves to the global market as a company of new MMA plural component road marking equipment.

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