Rosenthal Is Creating A New Era Of Fitness Through His Own Unique Exercise Routine

November 24 21:44 2021

Cory Rosenthal has been described as the new era of fitness. The 20-year-old fitness enthusiast is gaining increasing popularity for his unconventional workout routines.

Cory Rosenthal says for him, fitness is all about testing and pushing the boundaries of his physical abilities in fun and challenging new ways. Rosenthal prefers to create workout routines using his unique ideas which have led the 20-year-old to try some of the world’s craziest workouts.

“I don’t follow the norms, I’m not doing the usual push, pull, leg days, or the 3 sets of 10 stuff. I work out to test my abilities every single day. I look at it as, how I’m going to entertain my audience while I still have fun doing it.”

From backflipping off parked cars to extreme balance workouts, Rosenthal is redefining the limits of the human body. The “Mr. Indestructible” puts himself through extreme and sometimes gut-wrenching regimens such as muscle-ups while getting hit in the abs, or figuring out just how many watermelons will get squashed when thrown directly at his abdomen.

Rosenthal’s newest adventure is trying out some of the most insane water workouts the world has ever seen. His latest routines include doing handstands into a bucket of water, hanging from a pullup bar upside down with his entire head going into a bucket of water, and doing muscle-ups and getting soaked with a bucket of water straight to the face in every rep.

The phenomenal fitness guru is taking the internet by storm and enjoys a large following on TikTok and Instagram. Cory Rosenthal has also been featured numerous times on Barstoolsports, Houseofhighlights, Memezar, LADbible, and Dailymail. 

Referred to as the front runner for water workouts, Rosenthal maintains that he enjoys the challenge of practically drowning himself in each session and insists that the benefits far outweigh the stress and inconvenience. Also adding that the difficulty makes it worthwhile.

“It increases my lung capacity and allows my mind to solely focus on breathing. I don’t even realize I’m working out. I’m just taking breaths, and timing my breaths so that I don’t drown.”

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