Bondi Lash Lab Rises in Popularity with Its Powerful 2-in-1 Lash & Brow Natural Serum on the Market

November 26 07:24 2021
The serum gives users lusher lashes for only under $100.

Bondi Lash Lab’s Lash & Brow Growth Serum has a tight hold on people who have tried it. Promising that its users will enjoy their best lashes and brows ever, the brand’s 2-in-1 lash + brow phenomenon is the most potent natural growth serum on the market. The product is prostaglandin-free, sulfate-free and non-toxic.

It is time to stop spending time and money on other band-aid lash-and-brow solutions. Bondi offers an easy-to-use home solution for naturally fuller lashes that last a lifetime. The Lash & Brow Growth Serum is natural, vegan, collagen-packed, cruelty-free and great for sensitive skin. When users apply it to the roots day and night, they can see results within weeks from the comfort of their homes.

“The constant need to get lusher lashes and stronger brows can suck the joy right out of life, huh? If we’re not forever applying mascara or filling in our brows, we’re hitting up the salon for tints, lifts or extensions. We have heard of horror stories with people tinting their lashes and soon finding them brittle and broken. Now, we have the formula that preserves your lashes and brows. All we want is for you to get this product in your hands and start using it to see its effectiveness. We have the highest customer return rate and popularity. Australians love our serum,” shared a representative from Bondi Lash Lab.

With extensions, users are exposed to harsh chemicals like glues. In extreme cases, the weight of the fake lashes causes fallouts. This weakens the natural lashes, leaving gaps and eventually leaving with an irreversible no-lash situation. Lash & Brow Growth Serum is perfectly formulated for lashes with extensions and tints, especially supporting repairs.

Bondi Lash Lab has two bottle sizes for the Lash & Brow Growth Serum: 3ml (two to four months) and 5ml (four to six months). It offers a special pre-sale price of $99 for its 5ml bottle.

Bondi Lash Lab is the only one with a 2-in-1 Australian formulation for a lash + brow growth serum. They are also the first to introduce the Australian formula in a larger, more economical size — lessening orders, giving better value and enabling less waste. The 5ml bottle lasts four to six months with day and night use.

The brand is quickly becoming Australia’s most popular brand, with hundreds of sales every day and hundreds of five-star reviews. They offer free shipping and a money-back guarantee.

Bondi Lash Lab is on social media. Visit them on Instagram (@bondilashlab) and Facebook (@bondilashlab).

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Bondi Lash Lab was founded in 2019. It is proud to work closely with Australia’s best natural research labs to deliver products backed by solid science and focus on powerful, natural ingredients.

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