Creative Biolabs Customizes mRNA Synthesis Services to Accelerate Drug Research

January 13 21:48 2022
The reputable biotechnological company-Creative Biolabs has contributed to the field of mRNA synthesis for years and constructed a thorough service package. It boasts the prominent advantage of tailored synthesis service, attracting global pharmaceutical companies to build partnerships.

New York, USA – January 13, 2022 – Creative Biolabs shows great strengths in customizing mRNA synthesis services to fit distinctive drug development requirements. How does it manage to do that? The keys lie in its comprehensive mRNA synthesis technologies especially the chemical and IVT approaches. Thanks to the two methods, various mRNAs with lengths ranging from a few hundred nucleotides to greater than 10 kilobases, no matter at milligram or multigram scales, can be generated to support the development of mRNA vaccines and genome editing tools, as well as mRNA amplification-based diagnostics.

Chemical Synthesis

If the customers need small fragments of mRNA, Creative Biolabs frequently adopts chemical synthesis as a prime strategy for it outperforms enzymatic synthesis with higher efficiency and purity. In particular, chemical synthesis overcomes the problem of transcriptional errors that may appear after enzymatic synthesis, because of which mRNA production gradually goes beyond the laboratory scale to serve industrial customers. Besides, Creative Biolabs can conduct solid-phase synthesis to assemble mRNA strands, producing guaranteed output of modified RNAs that can be deeply purified later.

IVT Synthesis

When the mRNAs of long length are required, Creative Biolabs would shift to in vitro transcription (IVT) synthesis method to support both research use and clinical application. Customers are expected to send the DNA plasmid or the gene sequence, and of course the request details. Then Creative Biolabs will initiate IVT RNA synthesis accordingly by using template, enzymes, nucleotides, and buffer components. Accompanied by experienced personnel and a well-established IVT system, it is capable of optimizing the reaction components and offering internal epigenetic modifications as well to acquire custom mRNAs such as cytokine mRNA, genome editing mRNA, reporter gene mRNA, and antibody mRNA.

The mRNA synthesis process is not accomplished until it steps forward to the purification stage. With the commitment to providing full-scale synthesis services, Creative Biolabs proposes varieties of purification options to satisfy diverse demands for purity levels. “We stick to strict quality control of synthesized mRNAs and take pride in the high purity level which allows the products to go through any quality checks,” said a technician of Creative Biolabs.

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About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a widely acclaimed biotechnological company with cooperative partners around the world. It has been dedicated to mRNA-related techniques for years and developed a comprehensive platform to synthesize, optimize, and modify mRNAs. Through a long period of accumulation, it becomes a trustworthy and competent helper to facilitate therapeutic nucleic acid development.

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