Manuel Vázquez, from the esoteric world to altruistic work

May 11 18:42 2022
Manuel Vázquez, from the esoteric world to altruistic work

@manuelvazquezoficia born in Dominican Republic. His life story led him to discover esotericism and altruism, since losing his parents, being raised by his grandmother and suffering from breast cancer, have been the hardest experiences of his life, but at the same time the ones that allowed him to find his goal in this world. Today, thanks to his spiritual advice, he has earned the trust of celebrities like Salma Hayek, in addition to becoming the first blogger to leave his mark on Galerias Plaza de las Estrellas for his content on social media and he won a Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Claustro Universitario México, the Government of Mexico City and the UNAM for his work for the women of this country and Latin America. 

Manuel Vázquez is originally from the Dominican Republic, from a very young age he obtained the gift of esotericism that was inherited from his grandmother, who raised him after the loss of his parents. Since then, he decided to prepare himself in various fields of esotericism. “I dominate more than a thousand tarots. I have prepared myself and I really like to learn every day from this enigmatic world. I used the knowledge that my grandmother gave me about the gift I have to change the lives of others and I began to work in Spiritual Advice with a single idea in mind: To be the help that they always denied me”, said the esotericist.

His passion and professionalism allowed him to start at the age of 15 in the media. The programs of Cristina and Don Francisco realized his talent, not to mention that his rapid growth would take him to Oprah herself. ​​Some time later, he moved to Europe where he worked with other personalities. There he met the person who would bring him to Mexico, a country that has received him ever since. “I have lived here for many years. I have had the opportunity to work with many personalities from politics, sports and entertainment, I believe that we are energy and we must learn to move it in our favor in order to achieve each objective”, he said.

His career in Mexico advanced a little away from the spotlight, but not from the Internet, since this has worked as one more tool to show the world his power. “Social networks are the way I have contact with my followers and with the people who look for me to help them. Also, they know a little about me, my life and the activities that I have done. That is what, at the time, helped me to be recognized in La Plaza de Las Estrellas, where i leave my handprints. I became the first person on the Internet to achieve this award, so I am very proud to see my work pay off.”

However, life had a new challenge in store for him. In 2014, he was diagnosed with breast cancer, a rare condition in men, but which does not exempt him from going through a long process. After two years of treatment, he managed to get back on her feet, but this new experience allowed her to see the conditions in which women and men face this problem in our country. “I noticed a milky discharge coming out of my breast, so I went to the general practitioner, then to an internist. You know, the big problem is that we go with the wrong people, I should have gone straight to the specialist. The oncologist was the immediate thing, but sometimes we don’t know where to go, even the doctors themselves don’t know how to guide you. Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to find a good guide who showed me the way, he detailed.

“I don’t want more women to lose the battle against this disease, which is why one of my tasks is to support them with their treatments, because I also realized that many times we don’t receive the right one, so I want them to have that quality care. and that they are well diagnosed.”

Manuel Vázquez is a man who sees in each act of help, the return of everything that life has given him, as he himself mentions. “We must go with the energy that is not lost at any time.” This is how another of his great interests begins, education. “Without it we have homicides, poverty, theft, delinquency, abuse and mistreatment of women. We see it every day on television. We urgently need to appease that ignorance so that we begin to value ourselves and look at ourselves differently as a society. Children are the future and they cannot continue to see an unfortunate present, we must act right now. For this reason, he searched for the support of foundations, private initiatives and some celebrities who, like me, want to do their bit to forge a better country. We have created schools in Puebla and the State of Mexico, which are states with a high rate of poverty,” he said.

Thanks to that, he won a Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Claustro Universitario México, the Government of Mexico City and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico).

Manuel Vázquez today knows that he has forged his path well, but he also knows of the great challenges will come. “I always make my dreams come true, so my next step is to see my handprints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and to be able to give a talk in Bellas Artes (Mexico) so we are working on it to materialize it. Without neglecting to continue helping those who need it, either through my advice or supporting women and children, who deserve better living conditions not only in this country that has opened its doors to me, but throughout Latin America”, he concluded.

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