Prayers From The Abujan People Answered

August 09 19:21 2022

ArmorThane was recently employed to take on two major waterproofing projects in Abuja, Nigeria. However, these were not just old waterproofing jobs; these were the locations of worship for countless Christians and Muslims, the National Mosque, as well as the Christian Center.

These locations of worship are prideful establishments symbolizing unity for all in the country.

The Christian Center

The Christian Center was originally designed in a Postmodern version of the Neo-gothic style by Nigerian architectural firm Darchiwork Group, located in Lagos. The project started in 1989, then it lay stagnant for several years until 2004 when the Christian Association of Nigeria formed a committee to ensure its speedy realization. The completion, on 2 October 2005, coincided with the celebrations of the country’s 45th anniversary as an independent nation.

National Mosque

In 1981, the Federal Government of Nigeria moved from Lagos to the new Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Muslims from all over the country urged that the Muslim community collect donations from worldwide sources to erect a mosque. This would soon evolve into the national Mosque and represent the Muslim nation as well a symbol of the union of the Muslim society.

The Nigerian Muslims accepted and supported the idea, and soon a council known as Abuja National Mosque Council was formed. Under the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs’ eye, the Abuja National Mosque building started. The design of the Mosque was built by architects AIM Consultants Limited, who made sure that the Mosque had a magnificent view that could be seen from all parts of the City Center.

Fast forward 40 years, and ArmorThane, the largest manufacturer and distributor of top-quality protective coatings, as well as the designer of and fabrication of coatings application equipment, was called upon by the Federal Capital Development Agency to fix the domed roof of the National Mosque and the roof of the Christian Center both due to failed membranes. The failure had led to severe leakage problems, which, if left unfixed, would eventually lead to serious deterioration of both roofs. The agency had employed ArmorThane numerous times with multiple projects and was mindful of polyurea’s benefits and waterproofing abilities.  

Polyurea roof coatings are one of the most widely used and best solutions regarding durability and impact resistance. Also, they are not as temperature-sensitive as acrylic chemistries and deliver the best-in-class tensile strength and UV resistance. This made it the perfect application to fix the leaking problem under the hot Nigerian sun.

Before beginning, the seven-crew prepared for the jobs by gearing up with full-face masks, a fresh air system, suits, gloves, booties, and earplugs. Then, they extracted the failed membrane and prepared the concrete surface to receive ArmorThane’s flagship coating, ArmorLiner.

The deck area of the roof was roughly 4,000 sq. meters for both roofs. ArmorThane chose to go with a tan color at 3mm thickness. The client added new areas, like a metal water tank coated after ArmorThane completed the deck.

There has not been any further leaking since the work was completed last month. Both applications took a little over three months to fully complete. Now that they are completed, Abuja’s National Mosque’s roof will be watertight and secure for decades to come.

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