Platinum Data Recovery Successfully Recovers Data from Burnt Hard Drive

April 01 12:26 2021

Los Angeles, CA – Apr 1, 2021 – When it comes to fire-damaged media, most of us think that it’s impossible to recover data. However, Platinum Data Recovery is renowned for recovering lost data from even burned hard drives. This top-rated data recovery company specializes in recovering data from all types of storage devices- hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, flash drives, NAS, RAID, and more. Besides recovering deleted and formatted data, the company has also recovered data from water and fire-damaged media. Fires are common occurrences in California and Platinum Data Recovery receives numerous cases of burned hard drives. Over the years, their data recovery engineers have successfully recovered data from several burned laptops and desktops. They have resolved cases of even those hard drives that were deemed unrecoverable by other companies. 

Computer hard drives get burned due to natural disasters, power surges, short circuit accidents, or system overheating. A data recovery engineer at Platinum Data Recovery said, “No matter how a hard drive is burned, often it is possible to recover data. Over the years, our team has recovered data from burnt hard drives of all makes and models.  However, working with burned devices is more complicated than normal cases of data recovery. The entire process- from diagnoses to data retrieval is performed in our certified cleanroom.  We begin the process by evaluating the extent of damage to determine whether data is recoverable. Then the hard drive’s circuit board is taken out, carefully cleaned, and replaced with a new one. The old PCB circuit board helps in taking reading which ultimately helps in recovering data. The process may sound simple but removing the residues and finding the HDD details is quite complex. The process gets even more complicated when the hard drive’s upper sticker is burned that has details like hard drive model, Firmware version, and other information that is needed for recovery.”

Several factors determine whether data recovery is possible from a burnt device. These factors include whether the hard drive came in direct contact with the flames, the time duration of the exposure, other contamination like water used for extinguishing the fire. Data recovery becomes complicated if the hard drive was exposed to over 200 degrees Celsius for a long time. However, experts at Platinum Data Recovery have skills and tools to retrieve data even from severely burnt devices.

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Platinum Data Recovery is the leading name in the data recovery industry. The company specializes in recovering lost/deleted/formatted/corrupted data from hard drives, solid-state drives, memory cards, RAID, NAS, and other data storage devices.  Irrespective of the make and model of the data storage device, the company can recover lost data under all circumstances.

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