Here to Change People’s Financial Situation, Shneidine Michel is an Expert Speaker and Mentor

April 07 20:09 2021
Shneidine Michel teaches and trains people on how to live a life free of any financial problems. She specializes in training and helping Millennials and Gen-Zs. By conducting numerous workshops, training seminars, and other educational sessions, Shneidine stays committed to change people’s lives in order to help them gain financial freedom.

Stamford, Connecticut, United States – At this age, many people are struggling with their financial wealth. Facing debts and bad credit is a rising problem among the younger generation. To help such people, Shneidine Michel specializes in training and helping Millennials and Gen-Zs, by conducting numerous workshops, training seminars, and other educational sessions. Shneidine “Millennial Mom Money Expert” stays committed to changing people’s lives in order to help them gain financial freedom. Shneidine possesses a financial mindset, with which she has turned her life around and with such a strong mindset and skills, she is ambitious to help as many people as possible.

With her expertise, knowledge, and sheer experience, Shneidine Michel is a role model for many people. She holds strong expertise in saving and budgeting, ETF Stock Investing, and fixing or building business credit. She specifically specializes in helping beginners. Those who look for advice, want their credit score fixed, or want to achieve financial freedom look up to Shneidine Michel.

Shneidine “Millennial Mom Money Expert” is a graduate of NCC. 

As a person who changed her life around, Shneidine realized: “You don’t need to be a superhuman to do great things. You need discipline and motivation to keep marching.” With her seminars and training events, she inspires women to be financially strong and independent. She has also been a contributor on various radio news platforms like News 12, 92.9FM Radio, and many more.

Shneidine Michel is a graduate of NCC. After her graduation, she established her company under the title of Millenial Money Magnet, LLC. She is now acting as a president for her company, where she holds various events to educate and mentor millennials. With her expertise in all things finance-related, she helps people build personalized financial game plans. 

As the founder of “Money Talk Monday Show”, she invites other experts of finance. With this show, she aims to transfer the knowledge of her worthy guests to the audience. This show also discusses various tips on how to save money and plan. In addition to that, she also created a group, “Dope & Dynamic Women’s Group”. This platform allows women to share their success stories in an effort to inspire other women.

Impacting people all over the world, Shneidine has delivered her speech to an audience of as many as three thousand people. She has also partnered up with LiveGirl, Ede Youth Organization, Well+Good Magazine, and Women’s Mentoring Network. She believes in giving back to her community and says: “Let me help you move from the world of yesterday’s regrets to the world of tomorrow’s victories. My mission is to help entrepreneurs build and grow profitable businesses.

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