Elohim University Network Launches Elohim Sustainable Community Beta Program to Integrate Community Brand Awareness

October 14 00:57 2021
Elohim University Network Launches Elohim Sustainable Community Beta Program to Integrate Community Brand Awareness
Elohim University Network’s new initiative Elohim Sustainable Community Beta Program aims to benefit the most impoverished communities in the world.

WATERTOWN, South Dakota, USA – Elohim University Network is pleased to announce the launch of their new initiative called Elohim Sustainable Community Beta Program. The core objective of this program is to Integrate Community Brand Awareness. As part of this program, Elohim will donate 3d printed homes to different charities across the world.


“We will be using 10% of token funds to build 3d printed homes. These homes will be built by our students as part of their final assessment grades for our 3d printing operators certification,” says a spokesperson at Elohim University Network. “The homes built in the first classes will be donated to different world charities. The first printed house will be donated to a Disabled US Military Veteran family.”

As the first Eco Technology Building Trade Program, Elohim University Network will teach the machine operators about 3D house printing from concrete. They are also exploring methods to infuse hemp with concrete for a product that would work in the 3d printer as a medium. Hemp is inexpensive and readily available resource that can be an effective medium for creating building products. Through its use in other building applications, it is evident that hemp will absorb CO². So it would be a product that can actually reduce the carbon footprint rather than add to it. The addition of this product to the 3d printing world would only make the building methods more desirable and environmentally impactful. This will be an incredible advancement in Construction Technology.

A United Nations report published in 2017 demonstrates that the current global population of 7.6 billion is expected to reach 11.2 billion in 2100, and by 2030, nearly 5 billion people are expected to live in cities. Consequently, governments from various countries are going to face substantial challenges related to affordable and sustainable housing solutions. In addition, the construction industry that has struggled for years to improve its productivity. Over the past two decades this has grown at only a third of the rate of productivity in the world economy as a whole, according to McKinsey, a well-known consultancy firm. The new 3D printing technology has the potential to address all these issues by overcoming the pitfalls of conventional construction. 3D printing technology will lead to more automation, which will increase productivity in construction projects and there will be huge time and cost savings.

Another important contribution that 3D printing offers to the sustainable construction movement is by reducing waste. After designing a home on a computer, a 3D printer will know the exact amount of materials needed to construct the house. By limiting construction waste and material transport costs, 3D printers can drastically reduce the carbon footprint associated with building homes. 3D printers can be developed to make homes out of sustainable and renewable materials.

“The project represents an unprecedented perspective for buildings and new settlements, in which the value of local raw materials is amplified by digital design,” says a representative at Elohim University Network. “This program is expected to bring awareness about the efficiency of the new construction technology. This will also begin to drive the usage of these technologies which are more cost efficient, time efficient and are much less labor intensive as compared to the current methods. Eventually, this initiative will help in bringing more recognition to Elohim Coin and Elohim University Network.”

Elohim is an all-in-one ecosystem that integrates the advancements of security and accountability, in blockchain technology. Elohim’s mission is to create a technology-based platform, to develop safe, secure, and efficient infrastructure, for the most impoverished communities in the world.

For more information about the Elohim Coin project or to keep up with the latest updates on Elohim Coin project and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website (https://www.elohimcoin.com/).

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