Trusy Social – The Company Behind the World’s Largest Instagram Accounts

  • PublishedJuly 29, 2022
Trusy Social - The Company Behind the World’s Largest Instagram Accounts
Innovative social media marketing agency, Trusy Social, continues to enjoy rave reviews from businesses across industries with over 10k clients in different niches and locations

The Trusy Social team led by the creative entrepreneur Jacob Britton has undoubtedly worked its way into the hearts of thousands of business owners across the globe, judging by the feats achieved by the agency in a relatively short while. Trusy Social has been described as the “company behind the largest Instagram accounts in the world,” with over 3 years of delivering extraordinary Instagram marketing results and helping more than 10,000 clients to receive exponential growth regardless of their niche and location.

We were motivated to start Trusy Social because the need for innovation in the Instagram Marketing industry was at an all-time high.We knew that with the right innovation, leadership, and development, we could add a ton of value to the influencers, brands, and businesses we would get to work with. Having seen how the big agencies treat ‘social media’ as a whole led us to create an alternative services agency that is ‘up to date’ with every change and trend in the industry, giving us the ability to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the industry.” – Jacob Britton – President and COO of Trusy Social.

A recent report published by Statista revealed that social media ad spending reached approximately $132 billion in 2020, with a projection that it will surpass the 200-billion-dollar mark by 2024. Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms, with over a billion daily active users worldwide. Unfortunately, businesses have not been able to leverage the popularity of the platform to grow their brand, which is where Trusy Social has been helpful in the past couple of years with their Instagram growth services.

Trusy Social offers real, significant growth from within the desired niches of clients, standing out for delivering sustainable results that help businesses stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the functionalities of Instagram. The ability to take the heavy lifting off of clients and put their accounts growth on autopilot by allowing the Trusy team to execute various growth strategies remains a feature that has attracted Trusy Social to businesses looking for a way to reach a larger audience on Instagram.

We all know Instagram is huge, but up to this point, no one has offered truly effective growth strategies that are necessary to build and grow a profitable Instagram following. Instagram followings have quickly become one of the greatest profit centers for online businesses. Period. The problem is, no one has figured out how to control and deliver growth on Instagram consistently.” – Jacob Britton.

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About Trusy Social

Trusy Social was founded in 2019 by Jacob Britton, a professional with over 5 years of working experience in creative agencies with expertise in building startup businesses. The scrappy team based in the Southeast, US boasts of years of social media marketing experience and has found a unique targeted growth formula that finds users within the right niche and places content in their faces.

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