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BOC Sciences Poised for Complex Peptide Mass Production with a Comprehensive Synthesis Platform

BOC Sciences Poised for Complex Peptide Mass Production with a Comprehensive Synthesis Platform

July 29
19:10 2022
Possessing more than ten years of experience in peptide development, BOC Sciences has established a world-leading solid/liquid phase synthesis technology platform, with a view to manufacturing complex new peptides.

New York, USA – July 29, 2022 – BOC Sciences publicly introduces itself as a peptide supplier that has passed the GMP certification of the United States and the European Union. It has been concentrating on the development of advanced synthesis technologies to solve a series of complex peptide modification problems. After years of devotion, a comprehensive peptide synthesis platform has been built to provide solid/liquid phase synthesis support for global clients.

Peptide synthesis became a more practical part of present-day scientific research following the advent of solid-phase techniques. BOC Sciences displays excellent abilities in this technique. “reactions are driven to completion by the use of excess soluble reagents, which can be removed by simple filtration and washing without manipulative losses. Once chain elongation has been completed, the crude peptide is released from the support,” the chief technician of BOC Sciences explained the essence of the solid-phase approach.

Classical, or liquid-phase methods for peptide synthesis also have an elegant history and have been well chronicled. BOC Sciences generally uses liquid-phase synthesis to synthesize large-scale peptides, polymeric peptides, and difficult peptides, making unique contributions to mass manufacturing for specialized laboratorial or industrial applications.

Thanks to the consistent and joint efforts of BOC Sciences and its peers, a number of synthetic peptides now become significant pharmaceutical products. According to a report released by BOC Sciences, its peptide technology platform supports the synthesis of the following peptides:

1) Ordinary and Long-Chain Linear Peptides

Purity: crude to 99%

Length: 2-200AA

Scale: from milligrams to kilograms

Success rate: > 95%

2) Cyclic Peptides

Type: disulfide bond peptide, click peptide, lactam cyclization, bicyclic peptide, etc.

Cyclization position: head-tail, head-side chain, side chain-side chain, side chain-tail

3) Peptide Labeling and Modification

Phosphorylation modification

Fluorescence/dye labeling

Amidation (C-terminal) or acetylation (N-terminal)

Special amino acid modifications, such as amino acid derivatives, etc.

Other modifications: polyethylene glycol modification, biotin modification, etc.

The peptide therapeutics market has reached the multi-billion dollar level so far. Rapid, efficient, and reliable methodology for the chemical synthesis of these molecules is therefore of utmost value. BOC Sciences, equipped with the advanced peptide synthesis platform, is pleased to become one of the contributors.

Apart from the peptide synthesis platform, BOC Sciences is also committed to providing one-stop technology platforms that can satisfy various chemical synthesis needs. More information about the leading CDMO can be found at


BOC Sciences is a certified CDMO partner that can facilitate most aspects of drug development. It works with numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring about positive advancements in the pharma industry.

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