Luxury and Accessibility are Now Synonymous with My Sugar Exotics as Its Clientele Can Enjoy Quarter-Million Dollar Cars with No Fees or Age Restrictions

  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2022
My Sugar Exotics is the first exotic rental agency to offer $200,000+ cars with no age restrictions. They’ve been met with incredible demand and a robust customer base after the launch in August 2022

First impressions remain prominent impressions. The first appearance, style, or communication of a person cannot be easily altered or retrieved by their audience. It is thus crucial to present a good front, especially when meeting other individuals for the first time. By arriving at their events or venue in style, My Sugar Exotics is giving individuals an upper hand in creating a positive lasting impression.

“It’s incredibly frustrating being a 20-something and dealing with ridiculous fees or age restrictions. If I have the money and insurance to rent a Rolls Royce, I should be able to rent a Rolls Royce. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in DC, and it was time to change that” – Hussian Alsaadi, Co-Founder of My Sugar Exotics.

My Sugar Exotics is a reputable and revolutionary exotic car rental agency located in the heart of the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). The company is transforming the exotic car rental space with its jaw-dropping collection of over twenty exotic vehicles, professional private chauffeurs and private jet services. With over $3 million in inventory and exclusive packages, My Sugar Exotics is bringing luxury right the client’s garage.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of rental companies enforce harsh age restrictions on their clientele. Fortunately, there are no age restrictions with My Sugar Exotics, and so individuals who prefer arriving in luxury, attending special occasions such as weddings or parties, or who just want to make a grand entrance can do so with My Sugar Exotics’ enviable collection of show-stopping cars. Affordable but classy BMWs and Porsches are also available for clients with a lower budget.  

“The world is moving towards short-term rentals. Today you can rent everything from yachts to houses to clothes.. so why not exotic cars?” Layth Jasim, Co-Founder of My Sugar Exotics

One way My Sugar Exotics stands out from other rental agencies is in its commitment to meet the client’s needs at every stage. For clients who prefer not to drive, the company offers a team of vibrant and gracious chauffeurs on an hourly basis, taking the pressure off the client while they enjoy the ride. In addition, clients can select any exotic car of their choice from My Sugar Exotics in a few minutes as the rental agency uses a seamless online platform. 

Insurance coverage and a security deposit are not prerequisites for private chauffeur services on My Sugar Exotics, as the chauffeurs possess personal insurance coverage for the luxurious cars they drive. Furthermore, the exotic car rental agency also offers a unique range of rental packages such as their signature romance, proposal, and photographer packages, all available without breaking the bank.

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About My Sugar Exotics

My Sugar Exotics was founded by Hussian Alsaadi when he was just twenty-two years old to address the absence of exotic rental agencies in the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia). The company has achieved great feats in the exotic car rental sphere by providing top-notch customer care, affordable costs, sleeker vehicles, and reduced age restrictions, to name a few. The founder and CEO, Hussian, is a serial entrepreneur who began as a dental student but delved into several sectors such as real estate, e-commerce, and B2B sales. 

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