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Chasing the Light of Spiritual Healing – Brand Story of Healing by Han

Chasing the Light of Spiritual Healing – Brand Story of Healing by Han

September 21
18:36 2022

The dimensional instability has always existed in spiritual filed, but is now accelerating. In terms of reality, the ever-increasing pace of variety and the increasingly fragmented reception of information, makes anxiety, depression, fear, and fatigue more frequent. But the souls always walks towards the light. Han, founder of the brand Healing by Han, came to this dimension with ancient spirits and made “lead people to seek the light of Healing” as the task of life after multiple suffering. So, this story, is about Healing by Han, about Healing crystals, about self-healing by an astrologer, about chasing the light…

God said, “Let there be light”, and there is light. So, what is light?

To Han, light means a lot.

It is the light in front of the Buddha Statue when Han was bullied by younger brother and beaten up by mother as a kid;

It is the warmth of grandma’s arm around the lonely and timid world;

It is the first time to realize the preciousness of life, after the attempt of suicide at the age of 11;

It is a book named “Unconditional Love” at the old bookstore;

It is the sharping of courage and perseverance through the rains and storms in life;

It is the wisdom of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche;

It is the guidance of Krishnamurti, the enlightenment given by mentor Hu Yinmeng;

It is the compromise along the way and the creation of humility…

Light brings people the courage to face the trauma. It is the sort of power that continues to build and gets deep into the heart.

At first, it was difficult to fully grasp the meaning of “light” from the aspect of a soul that has rarely touched the light.

Until 10,000 cases have been healed and listened to the vivid or miserable stories from these cases, Han touched the truth, hope, and love.

It is fascinating to find that light is the “black power of life”, which is always along with the darkness, the pain, and the suffering. Each soul is made up of countless moments of lit up when walked along, although it is hard to see where the light came from before it appeared.

The most beautiful stars are not only at the top of the grassland, but also at the source of life. Just be humble, surrender, enjoy, and keep the feet on the ground and look up at the stars.

Believe that the universe has a glimmer of hope for everyone, that the darkness is only temporary, and the heat of individuals will eventually break through the ice.

Those who have apocalyptic moments are lucky, and the same goes for those to light up others in their darkest moments.

The original idea of Healing by Han is to encourage all these souls to lift the heavy curtain of life, then keep the soft and open mind to allow the light in. When people is chasing the light, the energy of healing will flow into life, revealing the power of growth eventually.

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