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Alliance NFT, A Whole New Global Project that Changes the NFT Space

Alliance NFT, A Whole New Global Project that Changes the NFT Space

September 21
18:52 2022

Taiwan – September 21, 2022 – InvestNFT is a (Business to Business) B2B NFT technical support platform that connects different NFT holders having diversified NFT projects and provides them a collective growth and value assurance opportunity through a trusted and reliable platform, which is itself made by the community members for their growth. InvestNFT, an NFT utility development, is becoming a more powerful NFT mechanism because of the collaboration with Alliance NFT. Alliance NFT is a NFT pass launched by NFT partners to provide a better platform for InvestNFT Finance holders to access new utilities and communities of Alliance NFT partners. The aim of creating this community is to become the strongest NFT community that collaboratively develops and upholds its value retention mechanism.

Why should people become the member of Alliance NFT community?

  • In this competitive market, the most trusted community members with knowledge and expertise with diverse NFTs are always united and ready to support one another.

  • Strengthen the community and utility by alliance power and increase the overall NFT transaction volume together by becoming a member of the large alliance NFT community

  • Community members get numerous of utilities 

  • A free invitation for everyone to invite your NFT partners and make them Alliance community members

Every member of Alliance community will get plentiful benefits 

  • Value Retention Mechanism, The First Alliance guarantees a redemption value of more than 70% of the mint price

  • Reward Lottery Alliance community members will also get multiple rewards lotteries in the form of money

  • Quasi staking Bonus Alliance community staking platform is non-custodial each holder can earn additional bonuses while still having ownership of their NFTs

  • Community Governance Through DAO that makes this community the most trusted members driven NFT community

  • CeFi Membership Upgrade The holders of Alliance NFT will be offered a complimentary level III status in the BICENTIVE loyalty program where holders can earn higher yields on the low-risk, stable income products that helps you to diversify your investment portfolio

  • Base Value secures the NFT floor price regardless of the market status provides stability to your investNFT finance

Let’s explore about Alliance NFT partners for your interest 

Demi-Human NFT – Taiwan 

DEMI-HUMAN is 10k hand-drawn NFT characters with 500+ randomly generated features living in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Crypto Hodlers – Ukraine 

Crypto Hodlers is a collection of 10,000 Hodlers living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs. All Crypto Hodlers are unique and amazing.

一張含有 玩具, 布偶 的圖片

自動產生的描述一張含有 文字, 布偶 的圖片


8SIAN – Malaysia 

The 8SIAN brand aims to represent Asia in the Web3 space whilst also empowering Asians women (8,888 NFTs of beautiful Asian women) to be proud of their heritage, culture, and upbringing

This is the best opportunity to become the member of Alliance NFT community. All NFTs will be available on OpenSea after minting.

Minting of Alliance NFT will be in early October.

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