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The Features Of Halogen, Hid, Led And Laser Headlight Bulbs

The Features Of Halogen, Hid, Led And Laser Headlight Bulbs

September 22
13:48 2022

Auto lighting is not only the must in the night, but also important in the daytime using. For example, we turn on the fog light to warn the other vehicles in the foggy day, turn on the DRL(daytime running light) to warn the opposite vehicles and people in day time, switch high low beam quickly to warn the opposite coming vehicles or passing over the ahead vehicle, turn on the warning lighting when you park temporarily.

  Therefore, people normally hesitate due to the car’s headlights when buying a car. Sometimes you need to pay more than ten thousand CNY for upgrading the headlights, is it worth? Now let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different headlights.  At present, there are 4 types of headlights bulbs: Halogen lamp, HID xenon lamp, LED lamp, Laser lamp.

  First, the halogen lamp, which is the most normal and oldest headlamp, its working principle probably would be traced back to Edison’s Time. Halogen bulb can only meet the basic using due to the low brightness. Halogen lamp’s lighting color is warm yellow which is the best color in foggy and rainy days because of its good penetrability.

  Second, the HID xenon lamp, which working principle is to emit light by ionizing the xenon gas with high-voltage arc. Its feature is high brightness, which is several times than halogen lamp. And HID’s power efficiency improved much, which means it is brighter and power-saving. But because of its complicated structure and high cost, HID xenon lamp is normally used on luxury vehicles.

  Because the LED lighting source is instant lighting up, it has been using in auto tail light, DRL(daytime running light), high mounted stop lamp, etc., nowadays it’s used in auto headlight too.  Third, the LED lamp, which has following advantages for vehicles: Energy-saving, long life span, small size and compact which is easy for the design of structure and appearance, instant lighting up, low decay, etc.  There are two main types of auto car led headlight.  One type is special LED headlight kits, the LED chips are soldered on the PCB which is fixed on the surface of the heat sink aluminum body. These special LED headlight kits are only used for original OEM auto manufacturers. Nowadays more and more new versions of vehicles have been using this types of LED headlight kit, such as HONDA accord, Audi A8L, TOYOTA camry, VW passat, GAC GS8, etc.. We have to replace the whole LED headlight kit in the 4S auto shop with high cost once it’s broken.

  The other type is universal LED bulbs for replacing the OEM original halogen bulbs and the HID xenon bulbs, which is very cheap and convenient, these bulbs are mainly used for the auto aftermarket.

  Besides the above 3 main stream lamps, the laser lamp is popular too in the recent years. Compared with LED, laser lamp not only has the advantages of high power efficiency, long life span, instant lighting up and high stability, but also is much easy for designers to do more designs because that the diode which be used is much tiny. The appearance design of laser headlight is not only limited to the traditional vehicles’ headlights, but also has excellent performance in many concept vehicles. However, laser lamp is much expensive even though it’s more advanced, it’s only used on very few luxury brand vehicles.

  After reading the above information, do you have any idea for high technology headlights now? And do you want to upgrade your car headlight?  Welcome to visit BULBTEK website for the latest products of LED headlight bulb.BULBTEK website:

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