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One Key Visa Helps International Students Navigate US Student Visa and Higher Education Process

One Key Visa Helps International Students Navigate US Student Visa and Higher Education Process

September 23
17:48 2022
The Agency Guides Students Through the Entire Process Using A Personalized Approach

The United States is home to some of the best academic training centers in the world. It is no wonder many foreign students take the leap, hoping to land in one of the country’s prestigious universities. However, facing such bureaucratic procedures, accomplishing this could be a daunting task for many.

Thankfully, companies such as One Key Visa have committed to help. With a team of experts, the agency helps students reach point A to point Z of their application process.

Founded by an immigrant himself, Ashkan Kheirkhahvash, One Key Visa shaped its operation and tailored its services through first-hand experiences and proven methods.

“Getting the correct information, and not just some of it, BUT ALL OF IT, is the key to understanding the process, including the challenges international students have in front of them so that they can make better decisions,” explained Ashkan.

In the U.S, the most common type of Student Visa issued is the F-1 Visa. It is commonly used for academic education in the U.S, whichever stage that may be. It applies to universities, private schools, or even when applying for an English language course.

Among One Key Visa’s most notable services are helping applicants with their university selection basing it on specific criteria and requirements that an applicant has. The applicant commonly identified financial, educational, geographic, and other important factors.

Once a university is identified for the applicant, One Key Visa streamlines the next steps of securing an I-20 form which is an essential step before applying for Student Visa, creating a professional CV and advising on SOP (Statement of Purpose), and communicating with the university for the requirements needed to be submitted.

The most crucial part of the application process usually falls on the Visa interview. In order to prepare applicants for the interview, One Key Visa conducts multiple mock-up interviews, utilizing former consulate visa officers, until they deem the applicant ready for the screening process.

“It is a good thing that I met and worked with OneKey. Now we are in Chicago with my wife. Our school is starting this week. Thank you for everything,” wrote Helin Uslu Dürser, a former One Key Visa client.

Although many of One Key Visa’s clients are international students, they also cater to E-2 and EB-5 Visa applicants for investors looking to establish, set up a business or invest in the US.

The E-2 and EB5 Visa both allow foreign nationals to invest in the United States. E-2 is a Non-Immigrant Visa while EB-5 is an Immigrant Visa type, more commonly know as a “Green Card” or “Permanent Residency”.

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