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Fresh Songs Can Make People Famous and Wealthy

Fresh Songs Can Make People Famous and Wealthy

November 18
21:51 2022

Perry Ritthaler’s work in the music industry has been challenging to complete. His success or failure has been dependent on copy writing laws and regulations, fail to adhere to these laws will result in loss of music created.

The first recommendation is copy write the song created or the instrumentation music you create. Sometimes a singer that can write music but has no band to help promote the materials must get creative to obtain results. For example, person may want to join Epic Music Royalty Free Music for video creators | Epidemic Sound and purchase some recording equipment that enables recording over existing instrumentation music.

Then singer can sing with any music that ignites their soul.

This alone is not accepted as a good music policy at Epic studios because a person created deviant work. Legally you are not allowed to create this type of musical recording working alone.

So, singer needs to be creative and purchase the song from the artist for under ten dollars, then tell the artist how wonderful their work is and offer to create a sample song featuring his/her music song and their instrumentation music art.

If they are interested in the proposal created and emailed to them they may permit use their work and then legally he/she can move forward slowly with a fresh copy write of the music created together.

Ritthaler has taken the approach of building sample songs and publishing an e-book songbook to protect the 32-written songs recorded his songs and sells.

This can help artists in the music industry but in the end, they also need to build a music video on the song they want to sell or record and explain their fresh ideas created.

This is the tool a person can develop to help market their song to an artist or sell the music rights to another musician that has no way to write their songs.

If wanting to invest in personal song ideas, he/she will need a website to host the video song created.

Some people like to have more than one website to promote their art. This will help drive a variety of internet clientele traffic to the many recorded songs created.

For example, Ritthaler has 3 websites that are created identically and key worded differently. To see how the video is presented try visiting these three website locations.

Home – Create Poetry and Songs Recording the Music from Home (

Home – Digital Mind Coach | Digital Mind Coach | Sample Songs for Musicians

Home – Digital Mind Coach | Sample Songs for Musicians

Perry Ritthaler hope this information will help musicians and songwriters develop networking programs that protect the music industry while working together in harmony.

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