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Woman-Owned Fryingpan Bacon Is Producing Delicious And Healthy Bacon While Focusing On Sustainable And Regenerative Farming

Woman-Owned Fryingpan Bacon Is Producing Delicious And Healthy Bacon While Focusing On Sustainable And Regenerative Farming

November 23
00:04 2022
Anna has found a way to combine her passion for animals and the environment with a delicious product that everyone can enjoy. She believes in providing pigs with the freedom to live in the sunshine with healthy diets of their own.

Bacon is a tasty food that many enjoy and eat frequently. Ideal as a breakfast food but perfect for sandwiches or toppings on dinner sides, this salty and savory dish can make a boring meal delicious and interesting. However, many who enjoy this treat are also concerned about where it is coming from. Fear of the meat industry can change people’s minds about purchasing this item that they love. 

Fryingpan Bacon is a woman-owned bacon business that is dedicated to sustainable and cruelty-free farming. The founder and owner is a passionate mother and animal lover, committed to providing delicious and healthy bacon. 

Anna and Fryingpan Bacon’s origins

Anna is more than just the founder and owner of Fryingpan Bacon. She’s a mother first and an animal lover, and it was those two passions that inspired her to create Fryingpan Bacon. She and her sons love for bacon was a motivating factor that determined Anna to find a way to make and enjoy it without the guilt that comes from pigs raised in factory farms. In fact, Fryingpan Bacon is named after the famous fly-fishing, Fryingpan River in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.

Fryingpan Bacon is different, and it’s because of Anna’s determination and passion for animals. She has focused on using only sustainable and regenerative farming for the pigs utilized in making their products. These heritage breed pigs aren’t over-bred or treated as just a source of food. They’re given constant access to sunshine and the outdoors with no crates in sight to keep them contained. 

These pigs are fed a healthy diet by family farmers who care about the lives their animals live. Anna wanted to support this and utilize it to provide the main ingredient for her delicious product. 

Anna’s love for nature was the leading factor in taking up regenerative farming practices. At Fryingpan they are all about being good stewards of the land. They believe that people must take care of the land they live on, so they do everything they can to protect and restore it. As good farmers, they cover crops, do crop rotation, and compost to create rich natural fertilizer in the soil and manage grazing (rotating livestock for soil health).

Fryingpan Bacon

Fryingpan Bacon is made with no antibiotics and no added hormones. This healthy bacon is cruelty-free and preservative free to provide bacon lovers with the best taste and quality. No artificial methods can be found here for making this treat. All Fryingpan Bacon’s products are smoked with hand-selected woods, seasoned with the best spices, and curated to perfection. 

Fryingpan Bacon is much healthier with the natural process used to make it, and animal lovers need not worry about the pigs being used as Anna Bonin is making sure they’re well cared for and treated with the love and respect they deserve. 

Fan favorites like applewood smoked bacon have a short list of only natural ingredients, without added items like preservatives. They even offer uncured hot dogs made from the same sustainably and kindly raised pigs. 


Anna is a sustainable and regenerative farming advocate and a healthy bacon pioneer. As a loving mother and a dedicated business owner, she’s passionate about putting forward the best product to fill happy stomachs everywhere.

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