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World’s First eCommerce Metaverse Fashion Mall, Avatly, Launches Using Cutting-Edge Technology

World’s First eCommerce Metaverse Fashion Mall, Avatly, Launches Using Cutting-Edge Technology

November 23
01:36 2022
Avatly provides technology for a meta fashion experience including the metaverse mall, ultra-realistic clothes, and user avatars.

Avatly, an eCommerce metaverse fashion mall built using state-of-the-art technology, has been launched with the aim to provide an unparalleled experience of trying on virtual clothing in the metaverse. Avatly believes that the Metaverse and VR technologies are essential for making this vision a reality.

Using Unreal Engine 5 and Binance Smart Chain technology, Avatly will provide the best real-time 3D experience and avatar solutions, taking the shopping experience into a completely new dimension. Avatly will also integrate Metaverse 3D boutiques with e-commerce, dedicated to premium fashion brands and designers.

A Dive into Avatly Fashion Metaverse

Avatly Mall

Inspired by independence, wealth, and exclusivity, Avatly is built in the shape of a diamond on a tropical island, in the middle of paradise, the most beautiful place within the metaverse.  Avatly will span three floors and cover around 300,000 square meters.

Avatly is also designed to have entertainment spaces for users who want to have a good time without shopping, such as fashion shows and VR parties.

Avatly App

Users will use the Avatly app to create their measured ultra-realistic avatars based on the finest 3D gaming engines.

  • Virtual Try-On: Avatars will be used for virtual try-on in Avatly metaverse spaces and 3D catwalks.

  • In-Game eCommerce: Users will purchase clothes in 3D versions for virtual usage or real clothes through traditional e-commerce.

  • Premium Brands: Metaverse 3D boutiques will be integrated with e-commerce and dedicated to premium fashion brands and designers.

Avatly 3D Boutiques

Avatly virtual retail spaces are designed for the metaverse fashion shopping experience and can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs of each of Avatly’s Partners.

Avatly’s interior design team works on different projects of virtual spaces to fulfill the needs of various and selective brands. Avatly will enable apparel companies to digitally transform their business, revolutionizing their brand with true-to-life 3D garment collections.

Avatly’s 3D artists will build the ultra-realistic and VR-ready metaverse boutique for clothing brands. Avatly will be able to connect directly to the brand’s eCommerce site seamlessly. This will provide their customers with an immersive online shopping experience as well as increase consumer confidence.

Alter Ego Avatars & Fashion NFTs

Avatly will provide technology that will allow users to effortlessly create, collect, and trade unique NFTs. Avatly’s technology will enable users to create an avatar using an internal app that scans the user’s face while generating a 3D mesh simultaneously.

  • NFT Marketplace: Users will create meta-human NFT avatars using Avatly app based on the best 3D gaming engine on the market. The marketplace will be available to all Avatly users to trade NFTs and buy and sell clothes in the digital world of the metaverse.

Avatly Token – $AVA

AVA is a token built for utility, using the BNB Smart Chain. The token will be used within the Avatly ecosystem, which includes ads transactions, user activities, and rewards in Avatly.

Token Name: Avatly

Ticker: $AVA

Network: BEP-20

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 AVA

  • Liquidity: 20%

  • Progressive Burning: 15%

  • Progressive Rewards: 15%

  • Team & Advisors: 15%

  • Exchange Listings: 10.5%

  • Marketing: 10%

  • Presale: 9.5%

  • Strategic Partners: 5%

Contract Address: 0x83B79F74F225E8F9a29fC67CB1678e7909d7D73d

Progressive Burning & Rewards

The most engaged investors will be rewarded with Avatly’s revolutionary anti-inflation burning & rewards system. They will also impact the deflation of the AVA token by holding tokens for a specified period.

To know more about Progressive Burning & Rewards, and other Avatly token utilities, read the official Avataly whitepaper.

Furthermore, Avatly is on its way to becoming the first-ever metaverse fashion mall featuring a number of well-known fashion brands. With several partnerships and collaborations in the pipeline, Avatly is set to reach newer heights on a global scale, once it reaches the Q4 of its 2022 roadmap.

About Avatly

Avatly is an eCommerce metaverse mall located on an ultra-realistic island that has been created by industry experts with cutting-edge technology. Users are able to create realistic avatars to provide a new shopping experience where they can interact with others, try on new clothes, and even purchase from one of the many brands that have been integrated into the metaverse.


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