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The Elder Law Lawyers at Preston Estate Planning Help Clients Maintain Assets Through the Trademarked Life Plan That Achieves More

The Elder Law Lawyers at Preston Estate Planning Help Clients Maintain Assets Through the Trademarked Life Plan That Achieves More

November 24
14:16 2022
For more than four decades, Preston Estate Planning has served California as a full-service estate planning firm. The law firm treats clients as family and is genuinely concerned about the outcomes associated with each client.

According to announcements released by Preston Estate Planning, its trademarked Life Plan service creates, maintains, and helps administrate estate plans. The Elder Law Lawyer – Preston Estate Planning has helped clients save money and protect their assets by addressing potential issues related to disability, taxes, and asset protection for beneficiaries. 

Life Plan members enjoy many benefits, such as an annual review of the estate plan, legal updates to stay current with changes in the law, unlimited document changes, trust administration credit, annual life plan event, legal advice, health care vault, asset funding verification, and free provision of estate planning documents for family members.

The estate plan drawn by this law firm does more than avoid probate. It delivers significant tax savings and ensures that the beneficiary does not end up losing the inheritance to issues such as divorce. The lawyers know about unforeseen problems that can lead to lengthy court processes for beneficiaries to gain control of assets that are rightfully theirs. They prepare estate plans to cover such contingencies. 

The Life Plan incorporates eight features that standard estate plans do not. These include disability panel, silent partner co-trustee, medical emergency card, asset protection inheritance trust, and capital gains election.

The Preston Estate Planning LawDeeda Listing shares more details about this law firm. 

Preston Estate Planning recommends including an inheritance trust for beneficiaries to avoid issues arising due to creditors, lawsuits, and the potential disinheritance of grandchildren. The capital gains election feature lets clients choose between paying the federal estate tax and the capital gains tax. 

Losing a loved one is an emotionally difficult time. Add in the complexity of dealing with the loved one’s assets, and the process can quickly become overwhelming. Preston Estate Planning said, “We help you create an estate plan you can trust with the level of protection you deserve.

Most trustees do not realize how many steps must be taken to deal with the trust after death. Statutory notifications must be mailed out, solving property tax issues, income tax reporting requirements, and many other vital steps.

We have assisted thousands of trustees in their responsibility of administering the trust. Rest assured that we can help your trustee navigate the trust administration to ensure that each step is carried out correctly and your wishes are honored. If you have been named as trustee and need assistance administering the trust, call our office to schedule a complimentary trust administration review with one of our San Diego planning attorneys. 

Most trusts use an outdated process to establish incapacity. If your trust contains this obsolete method, your successor trustee may be prohibited from taking over as trustee at this most critical time. Including a Disability Panel can solve this problem and provide a smooth transition from you to your successor trustee.”

About the Company:

Preston Estate Planning is a San Diego law firm that offers services related to life planning, trust formation, estate administration, etc. Its experience in these fields enables it to customize its services to a client’s requirements. The law firm ensures that legacies and wealth are passed on correctly and that estates are handled per a client’s wish. 

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