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Horrors of War NFT: An Escape from Brutality and Aggression Into the World of Premium Digital Art

Horrors of War NFT: An Escape from Brutality and Aggression Into the World of Premium Digital Art

December 07
06:28 2022
Horrors of War is a collection of 555 unique non-fungible tokens that artistically depict the gruesome reality of war. This project is on a mission to help people directly or indirectly affected by wars anywhere across the globe find refuge in digital art, and make the world a brighter place.

The war in Ukraine is just one of many armed conflicts that shook the world’s foundations in recent years. From the Ethiopian civil conflict and Cabo Delgado insurgency to wars in Bangladesh, Philippines, North Caucasus, Oromo, Tigray, and Vermelho, dozens of clashes have left many families homeless, displaced, or a dire need of financial help. 

Millions of people that may have been thousands of miles away from the epicenter of any armed conflicts have indirectly suffered, whether from stress or the plummeting economy in the aftermath. 

Horrors of War is a new NFT project launched with a simple mission – to help people who have been traumatized by armed conflicts cope and overcome their fears, depression, or anxiety through digital art.

Horrors of War is a collection of 555 unique non-fungible tokens, some of which are animated pieces of art inspired by the horrid reality of war. The HoW team set its sights on creating a digital sanctuary and a community for people whose members would empower one another and help each other see the world through a more positive lens. 

As imparted by the project’s founders, “Times like these might feel hard on any of us. War in Ukraine touches all of us in some way.” Horrors of War is a response to the suffering of thousands of people who are losing their loved ones, their homes, and their futures.

The Horrors of War NFT project thoroughly supports peace and wants to make a difference in the world by donating a portion of the proceeds on each NFT sale to anti-war organizations and companies. 

The rapidly growing HoW community will determine which organizations should receive said donations first while the founders of Horrors of War NFT impart that the donating aspect of this project will be an ongoing, continuous process. 

Unlike contemporary NFT projects, Horrors of War is deeply invested in creating meaningful NFT art. The collection is comprised of images and animated art, each holding a profound meaning. 

“We want to help people in these hard times through art and unity,” said Horrors of War founders. The project is already gearing up toward launching its first 555 NFT tokens and imparts that Earlybird adopters will have a chance to be whitelisted on Superful.

Horrors of War NFT collection will be unveiled soon and its creators state that the holders of first-generation HoW tokens will receive an array of long-term bonuses that may prove invaluable as the collection expands. 

More information about Horrors of War NFT is available on the project’s official Twitter account.

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