Gathr Advances its ML Capabilities, Extensibility, and User Experience in its Latest Product Update

  • PublishedDecember 10, 2022
Gathr Advances its ML Capabilities, Extensibility, and User Experience in its Latest Product Update
Gathr’s new update features significant additions like ML lifecycle, on-screen help, application scheduling, enhanced emitters, and more

Gathr, the all-in-one data pipeline platform, has released its latest product update, covering a wide range of impressive features. From ML lifecycle to on-screen help, application scheduling, enhanced emitters, and new channel support, the update includes wide-ranging features.  The newly added features in Gathr have extended the overall capabilities of the platform, making it easier to use and providing more value to end users.

 The following are some of the significant additions in Gathr:

 ML lifecycle: Users can build fast-track data science solutions with end-to-end ML lifecycle for training, tuning, performance, scoring, and model management 

On-screen help: Users can now get instant on-screen assistance for data ingestion and advanced ETL applications 

Scheduling applications: Users can schedule applications at a frequency of 15, 20, or 30 minutes Several key features have also been improved in the update, including the following:

 Throttle control: To control the rate at which HTTP calls are made (per partition) in the HTTP processor and emitter  

Enhanced HTTP processors: Gathr has added the response status codes for HTTP requests. Incremental read support in provided for HTTPV2 data source to capture new and changed responses

 Updated emitters: The platform has improved emitters for SFTP, JDBC, Snowflake, and HTTP by adding various connectivity and scalability features 

Some other prominent features in Gathr’s latest update are: – New channel support for HTTPV2, Azure SQL, and Quickbase – SSL support for JDBC connections  – Option to log raw data with corrupt records  – Informative error messages with descriptions to fix broken connections quickly – Scheduling enhancements in workflows  – Generating SSH keys by uploading private key files – Extra-small cluster to optimize the application submission 

“Our team of highly talented data engineers is fueled by customer-centric innovation to make Gathr the most comprehensive data pipelining platform. The recent addition of ML capabilities and other updates can enable our users to fast-track various data science solutions,” said Sameer Bhide, Director of Product Engineering at Gathr. “We take pride in our culture of continuous innovation which has made Gathr the most leading-edge and user-friendly data pipeline platform,” he added. With these high-end upgrades, users can save time and effort for building, deploying, and managing data pipelines while unlocking advanced data-driven business use cases.

About Gathr

Gathr is a next-gen, cloud-native, fully managed, no-code data pipeline platform, created by a team of industry veterans and visionaries from Impetus. It’s the only all-in-one platform for all data integration and engineering needs – ETL, ELT, ingestion, CDC, streaming analytics, data preparation, machine learning, and more. The Spark-based platform brings unmatched speed, performance, and flexibility required to handle all types of data and analytics approaches, in ways that traditional ETL tools cannot. With Gathr’s visual drag-and-drop interface, native integration for all popular data sources and destinations, an exhaustive set of pre-built operators, and a rich pipeline template gallery, anyone can build and deploy data pipelines, quickly and easily.   

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