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January 20
22:39 2023 will be expanding its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology even further following an already stellar track record of innovation. Founder Michael Lin plans on elevating the consumer experience and continuing to make improvements. technology, by Michael Lin, elevates the consumer experience by facilitating unique experiences for each one, spurring a deeper brand connection. Amplifying human-computer interaction allows them to consider user personalities, individual preferences, interests, and habits, which encourages positive affiliations and memorable experiences for a brand. 

Currently, Lin is exploring collaborations with many different industries, such as Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Retail, Gastronomy, and Lifestyle, to revolutionize the customer experience by introducing AI-enabled XR solutions.’s location-based and interpersonal experiences offer a wide range of immersive and user-based interactions on mobile devices: 3D visualizations, real-time gestures, verbal communication, reinforced learning, affective interaction, and co-presence. 

About is cultivating a world where virtual characters can live as equals and relate to people on an interpersonal level. By giving each of those virtual characters a personality of their own, designs AI companions who complement everyday lives. All the while aiming to revolutionize VTuber streaming by introducing mixed reality interactivity between the VTuber and the audience, creating a world where users live alongside their favorite characters. has endeavored to infuse the AI field with innovation by creating the world’s first platform where users can use their smartphones to interact with their favorite characters. Mobile phones are the most portable devices people have, which is why Lin designed a platform that thrives within the limitations of a smartphone. AI applications utilizing application programming interfaces (API) controlled by third-party entities are not cost-effective, nor do they ensure user data privacy concerning smartphone usage. So, he modeled his AI platform to be exempt from any third-party API, building it from scratch specifically for mobile phone users. 

Lin trained the AI to simulate the characters’ voices, allowing users to interact with the characters. The final step was teaching the AI behavior by creating a system that will enable the AI to grab animation assets generated in the cloud, informing it how to understand the user/context, recognize food/emotions, and alter its voice and behavior based on the user. This way, it’s not all stored on the user’s phone, taking up unnecessary space. Today 

Recently, Lin decided to collaborate with Phase Connect because they excel in the live streaming space and provide the perfect launch pad for a patent he has pending that would introduce a new augmented reality live streaming system. This system would provide a more engaging and immersive experience for users by allowing any streamer or character powered by humans or AI to appear anywhere in the world, interact with, and see their users in real-time without extra equipment. 

Lin showcased his outstanding AI in the Connect V events, a collaboration between and Phase-Connect, with over 700 concurrent viewers. Tenma Maemi live-streamed during the event. Users could log into a mobile app and project her in their surroundings and watch her move and stream. During the second stream of the event, Amanogawa Shiina hosted a Christmas concert where her fans could engage by throwing flowers on stage. 

Sneak Peek has also expanded its interactive AR technology to Southeast Asia through its work with MyHolo TV, the leading VTuber agency in Malaysia. and MyHolo TV are set to deliver more immersive, mixed reality experiences in the coming months. 

The Wonderverse app will be dropping soon, allowing everyone to have all this technology at their fingertips.

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