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Xcelerated Consulting Group and Bravent to Deliver Next-Gen Immersive Solutions to the Enterprise

Xcelerated Consulting Group and Bravent to Deliver Next-Gen Immersive Solutions to the Enterprise

January 24
00:54 2023

Xcelerated Consulting Group (XCG) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Bravent, a Microsoft IT services and IT Consulting company for the Metaverse XR immersive solutions with experience implementing Microsoft technology with a staff of more than 150 professionals with certifications at the enterprise level. 

The companies provide Virtual Workrooms, Digital Twins, Azure Open AI Services, Immersive solutions, and the knowledge to implement to large and small organizations looking to enter the Metaverse and AI virtual environment.

Virtual cloud workroom spaces, auditoriums, meeting rooms, training environments, and headsets are all provided off-the-shelf for our clients and prospects. Organizations can purchase workrooms at a fixed cost or rent them as a SAAS model. XCG will market Bravent Microsoft’s technical expertise enabling customer adoption of an immersive workroom. The strategic objective is to provide a lower entry barrier turnkey solution in immersive workrooms, allowing companies to take advantage of XR virtual meeting capabilities. “We open the virtual meeting world’s entry to companies at minimal risk with the guarantee of using Microsoft platforms,” declared Moshe Horesh, XCG Co-Founder & Managing Director.

Companies must be in it to win it. The XR industry, valued at $26 billion in 2020, is expected to reach over $463 billion by 2026. The exponential growth of this industry is creating a demand for XR solutions for enterprise organizations. Visionary organizations already have Metaverse strategies and implement AR/VR solutions in Retail, Healthcare, Engineering, and other industries.

Virtual Workrooms services within the Metaverse can provide meeting advantages:  

Increased collaboration:  Participants worldwide can work together in real-time, regardless of their physical location, using tools such as 3D modeling, virtual whiteboards, and video conferencing. Enhanced engagement: Immersive spaces can be more interactive and engaging, with features such as avatars, virtual reality environments, and gamification.

Cost savings: Meetings on the Metaverse eliminate the need for travel and can be less expensive to set up and maintain.

Improved productivity: Virtual meetings can be more efficient, with the ability to easily share and access documents and other resources in real time.

Greater flexibility: Customizing workrooms within the Metaverse allows organizations to create a virtual space that meets their specific meeting needs and goals.

Enhanced security: Metaverse platforms can be more secure, with the ability to control access and monitor activity within the workroom.

About Bravent 

Bravent is a Microsoft IT Partner consultancy company established in 2013 to offer clients technology solutions that help them meet their business objectives. Bravent 360-degree approach to digital transformation accompanies companies at home step by step. Bravent specialists develop projects in a broad portfolio of specialized services: Metaverse Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics, Mixed Reality with HoloLens, Azure Cloud open AI Services, Digital Twins solutions, and much more. The team comprises more than 150 employees in various offices in USA and Spain and is involved in international projects with brands such as Otis, Burger King, Avangrid, and others.  

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About Xcelerated Consulting Group LLC.,  

Xcelerated Consulting Group (XCG) helps organizations with XR (AI, AR, VR) human talent placement and services. XCG partners with enterprise organizations to provide Professional Services and XR Human Talent at scale for companies looking to partner strategically. XCG also provides XR group training with Unity-authorized virtual training programs to enterprise clients to upskill their IT Human Capital talent. XCG is a Snowflake & Matillion solution partner for cloud data warehouse solutions and established reselling partnership with Matilda Cloud Software with services such as Cloud Discovery, Migration, and Optimization. 

For more information and a private demo of the virtual workrooms, please call 609 360 5100 or [email protected].

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