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Hobbiecode: A benchmark in algorithmic trading that operates with the security of audited accounts

Hobbiecode: A benchmark in algorithmic trading that operates with the security of audited accounts

January 31
12:28 2023

Ramón, founder of the Hobbiecode channel, has been operating in the financial markets since 2014. At the beginning he began to invest manually in shares and, little by little, he has become an Algorithmic Trader thanks to his technical knowledge as a Computer Engineer and also his constant learning as a trader in the financial markets. In 2018 is when he made the leap to the automation of his strategies when he saw that he was achieving better results and could operate different strategies in different assets at the same time. From here he began to develop a methodology for creating trading systems that he followed every time he wanted to create a new system for the asset he wanted to trade.

Hobbiecode arose from the desire to publicize all the work that had been achieved and made in recent years regarding the creation of automated trading systems. He founded his own Quantitative Trading Academy that has more than 150 advanced students in the subject and more than 1,000 students who have consumed at least one of his training courses.

To this day, Ramón is a benchmark as an Algorithmic Trader operating different accounts, several of them audited to demonstrate transparency within the sector and bring to light the reality of trading. He also works as a trainer and mentor to hundreds of students who decide to delve into the automation of strategies.

Quantitative Trading Academy

It is an Academy for those people who want to learn how to create their own automated trading systems without having to learn programming. “Builders” are used to perform both the search for strategies, pass the robustness tests and export the strategies in code format so that they can be executed on trading platforms.

In 2021, he created his first audited account in Darwinex and, in turn, the creation of his first and only Darwin to date called QNZ, which ended with +16% during that year. In 2022, he proposed to focus his efforts on managing investor capital. He managed to manage more than $200,000 of capital in Darwinex. He also started trading funding accounts and got a total current allocation of over $800,000 making profits from them.

Regarding his students, in 2022 very good algorithmic traders came out, who ended the year with more than 20% profitability in their respective Darwins with a fully automated operation following the methodology that Ramón teaches in his Academy. To be the largest community of algorithmic traders in the world and bring the technology of automation of trading strategies to all the people who propose it through my public and private content.


In addition, HobbieCode has his profile on the social network Instagram which is Hobbiecode and in his profile you can find a lot of content and videos in which he talks about trading on various topics, he also has a website that is https://www. where we can find access to their trading classes in which they are described with 3 main points that are

Strategy Design

We provide the necessary knowledge so that each Trader can design his strategy that best suits his style and his beliefs. algorithmic trading


With the backtesting module offered by the Metratrader technology, we are able to test any automated strategy with historical data in record time.

Quantitative Trading

Start up

We teach how we can configure trading robots to operate in the cloud without having our computer turned on.

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