VEL, a premium work cafe is cultivating the spirit of productivity starting with a menu that enhances performance.

  • PublishedFebruary 6, 2023
The start-up productivity brand publicized for their state of the art workstations and tech forward space is also a hidden gem for top-quality coffee with secret brain boosting ingredients.

VELs next generation work cafe is a one stop shop for all work related needs, right down to the fuel that gets their customers in the flow. The company believes in fueling the mind and body first which is why their menu is meticulously curated with nourishing ingredients to enhance cognitive functioning. Featured alongside their classic coffee options are signature beverages comprised of brain boosting components.

VELs perfectly curated specialty beverages infuse a delicate blend of natural and organic ingredients also known as nootropics, which enhance performance and expand cognitive parameters. The Nootropics VEL uses are also known to improve concentration, memory, focus, mood, stress and anxiety levels plus more. Their fascinating ingredients and custom performance blends are just one of many reasons why VELs coffee and beverage selection is irresistible.

Rest assured, while their unique combination of ingredients might exude health the thoughtfully crafted beverages do not compromise on taste. The premium work cafe uses nothing less than just that…premium quality products. The company uses an award winning coffee roaster known for their bold, deep and robust flavors. They also use all natural flavor syrups to add a subtle aromatic depth. Lastly, VEL offers a variety of milks and creamers in both dairy and non-dairy options to softly enrichen their beverages.

Mind hacking, specialty drinks are not the only thing this premium work cafe offers. VEL conveniently provides a diverse assortment of pastries, light bites and grab and go items to help fuel customers throughout the workday. Likewise, VELs futuristic and modern space checks all the boxes when it comes to providing customers with everything they need to fuel the flow and work at the speed of life.

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About VEL

VEL is a premium work cafe that offers tech-forward and customizable solutions for work requirements of all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to become a “VELLER”. While walk-in bookings are always welcomed, customers can also subscribe and gain access to private rapid wife and the work at VEL app with advanced seat booking, mobile ordering, the latest up to date news and more perks.

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