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Currick Exchange Guide – How to protect digital assets?

Currick Exchange Guide – How to protect digital assets?

February 08
17:42 2023

Digital asset security issues are frequent, such as wallet theft, hacker attacks and other crisis events, security and risk control awareness has become more important. This article discusses the security of digital asset transactions.

First of all, compliance is one of the important factors in judging the security of an exchange. Currick Exchange, registered in Colorado, USA, is an innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform for the world, providing users with multi-currency trading, including currency trading, fiat currency  trading, options trading and other transaction categories, and has been trading on the premise of compliance. Colorado is known worldwide for its strict regulation of digital asset trading, with multiple regulatory frameworks in place that are broad and authoritative. As early as 2018, the state set up a special task force on financial institutions to conduct a rigorous investigation of local financial institutions. A few days ago, the Currick Exchange was investigated by the department, and the results showed that in a series of reviews such as funding sources, financial conditions, trading models, business feedback, risk assessment, etc., the Currick Exchange was very compliant in any link, the person in charge of the investigation said, Currick The data of the exchange is true and traceable, the platform service is safe and guaranteed, and the performance of all links is far better than that of other financial institutions. 

Currick Exchange has financial business entities in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and plans to gradually open regional distributed exchanges.  The concept of compliance operation and strict market supervision of Currick Exchange will neither cause legal problems nor major operational flaws, effectively curbing speculation in the global market and ensuring the stable operation of trading. 

Secondly, technical strength and security are very important in the actual transaction process. When the Currick Exchange was founded, it attached great importance to the issue of security. Currick Exchange is equipped with a professional security team with rich practical experience and multi-level three-dimensional protection capabilities. The Currick team has undergone hundreds of millions of inspections and tests, and the order processing speed has reached millions of TPS, ensuring efficient and fast order processing without lag or delay. Currick Exchange adopts a multi-level redundant system architecture to maximize the processing performance of the system, enable feature deployment and version updates without downtime, unlimited scalability, and provide strong protection against cyber attacks. 

The Currick Exchange is constantly developing innovative mechanisms to protect traders’ funds. The platform is equipped with a professional financial-level transaction architecture hot and cold money bag, and the private key is stored offline, which physically isolates hacker attacks and human destruction, ensures the stability of trading, and supports the operation of multiple sections of the platform’s products. The Currick exchange places greater emphasis on user privacy and security. Currick adopts central bank-level encryption technology, all user information and transaction data are encrypted at three levels, and security audits will be conducted in the background when withdrawing coins to ensure the safety of user funds. 

No matter what kind of asset is traded, you can experience the intimate service and smoothness of the trading process on the Currick exchange, and get Bitforest and other high praise from third-party security evaluation agencies, Currick has strong security capabilities. In addition, the Currick exchange is more in-depth in terms of security than other exchanges, and the Currick technology team co-founder of the platform has launched an expert committee, whose members must be top talents from different fields, mostly BAT First-line Internet and bitcoin early layout, with rich financial professional experience and technical background related personnel. 

Core member of the Currick Exchange Expert Committee:

Vlad Tirla

Currick Founder & CEO (CEO), early Bitcoin evangelist, former product director at Alibaba, senior product designer. 

Hunter Ling

Chainge Finance’s chief technology (CTO), known as a global technology development genius, has participated in a large number of development work of the Ethereum core team and was a senior technician at Tencent. 

Sarah Shao

Chief Operating Officer (CMO) of Chainge Finance, with a keen sense of business and operational capabilities, he was the CMO of DFG Group’s investment team. 

Oana Batran

Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of Chaing Finance, former Apple Language Auditor and Senior Brand Advisor. 

As an exchange with tens of millions of value domain names and originating overseas, Currick will continue to cultivate digital assets, taking compliance as the premise, scientific management as the concept, and cutting-edge technology as the drive Provide stable and secure digital asset trading services for more than 21million users around the world, and strive to build a safe and efficient one , a stable financial service platform, allowing global users to use digital assets conveniently.

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