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Robert’s New Novel Tells a Powerful Story of Life Itself

Robert’s New Novel Tells a Powerful Story of Life Itself

February 08
18:10 2023

Aspiring author Robert has launched his new book, “The Last Train to Hicksville”, a thought-provoking book about life and the special place where he grew up. This Book is the prequel to his most popular book, “The Misfits of Channel 10”.

The narrative is filled with fond and heart-warming memories from his youth on the journey to young adulthood. This is the author’s story of the fond memories and, fun times and places he loved. Robert grew up in the small towns of Hicksville, Plainview, And Syosset in Long Island, New York.

This book talks about the time when work (and life) gets too stressful due to bills. Work stresses or bad news leaves a stench that begins to poison your soul, we often think back to those seemingly carefree times of our youthful innocence. According to the author, “Life is full of dual-edged swords and axioms.” The older you become, the more you hear about people you know that weren’t as successful at survival as you were. 

It is Darwinism at its saddest, loneliest, and most up close and personal worst. Another comrade, friend, or close one has fallen in the struggle for life. Your circle of contemporaries dwindles, and the isolation gets deeper. You can almost feel the icy sickle of death probing your body looking for a weakness as an entry point.

The story revolves around Robert’s life experiences. The story powerfully shows a variety of causes and effects of how a courageous person can overcome obstacles and make a difference. Hope and optimism are some of the prevalent subjects of the narrative, but the story does not shy away from describing the harsh realities of life.

Robert has always wanted to become a writer since early childhood and make a positive influence on society. He went to two colleges and received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He specialized in the design of Emergency Medical equipment and its design for safety. Now he is retired and spending his full-time writing exceptional books.

The book is available now on all major publishing platforms including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle.

For more information or to get more information from the author, email [[email protected]].

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