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Ten Entrepreneurs Unveil Mike Wolf’s KANKETA Success Formula that is Revolutionizing the US. Small Business

Ten Entrepreneurs Unveil Mike Wolf’s KANKETA Success Formula that is Revolutionizing the US. Small Business

September 05
05:42 2023
Ten Entrepreneurs Unveil Mike Wolf's KANKETA Success Formula that is Revolutionizing the US. Small Business
“Always have Predictable Profit” brings more than valuable education to small business owners throughout the country and the world. Underscoring this author’s books is a vision that… Someday…. all small business owners will achieve personal financial freedom owning their businesses …. working passionately by choice, but not from need. Mike’s mission is to help build successful companies operate by themselves, with and without their owners.

Mike Wolf is a nationally known author of books on strategic business principles, practices, tools and techniques dedicated to the success of small business owners. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the National Business Education Council ( But Mike doesn’t just write your typical, everyday business books.

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The single question he always asks every business owner is “How much could, should, would your business pay you every month for not showing up, while it continues to grow without you?”.

There are three reasons why 84% of small businesses fail in the first five years:

They don’t do what they should do.

They do things they shouldn’t do.

They don’t know what to do.


In the 90s, Mike authored and introduced KANKETA “Journey in Balance” to the US.  Kanketa is an Eastern-based financial management system practiced throughout the world, specifically designed to help small business owners who hate bookkeeping, taxes, and finance. His unique formulas launch a perfectly managed everyday money system that is all the finance a small business owner will ever need during their career. Kanketa answers 31 critical questions that keep business owners up at night. Kanketa, the science of small business management, creates high profit, high performing companies, resulting in successful retirements of their owners.


There are successful business owners throughout the country who live by this book and have followed, studied, and internalized this material.

They know what to do and are doing all the right things. Each year the Author and his NBEC team comb the countryside, tirelessly interviewing hundreds of local small business owners across 17 industries. They identify and showcase the brightest, most passionate, successful entrepreneurs in business communities across the nation, who are committed to excellence. 

These owners survived and grew during COVID and weathered challenging economic times. Along the way they practiced Kanketa methods.

Mike Wolf put these special owners and their winning formulas into this book.

In these pages, these owners openly and enthusiastically share their secrets, best practices, and formulas in the simplest language possible for the everyday successful use of small business owners with one, two, five, ten to thirty employees.

This MUST-READ book is a fascinating, insightful view through the lens of these successful passionate entrepreneurs.

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