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How to Predict a Bear Market and Make the Proper Adjustment For Higher Profits

How to Predict a Bear Market and Make the Proper Adjustment For Higher Profits

September 05
06:52 2023
How to Predict a Bear Market and Make the Proper Adjustment For Higher Profits

Bryan Johnson’s book, “Before the Bear Strikes,” is a detailed analysis of how he forecasts bear markets.
Bryan G. Johnson has a bachelor’s degree in math from Drexel Univ. He spent 9 yrs as a computer programmer, 19 yrs as a math tutor and is a National Speaker for the American Assoc, of Individual Investors. In 2009, he started the Moon Run Report website. Accomplishments: Timer Digest Bond Timer of the Year 2019, Author, Before the Bear Strikes, an analysis of bear market forecasts, Ranked by Hulbert Financial Digest since May 2021, National Speaker, American Associates of Individual Investors.

A bearmarket is a 20% downturn in stock market indexes from recent highs. A bull market occurs when stock market indexes are rising, eventually hitting new highs. Historically, bull markets tend to last longer than bear markets. 

Although understanding how to predict the Bear Market is difficult.  Understanding a bear market emerges as a crucial skill for investors and individuals seeking financial stability and prosperity. 

There are basically 3 things to know when involved in the Stock Market. 

  1. Buy when the bear market is over. 
  2. Hold through minor corrections. 
  3. Sell before a bear market – transfer to long-term safer havens. 

Why you should embrace the benefits of understanding a bear market. 

  1. Reduce the risk of great financial losses by not staying in a bear market. 
  2. Be able to purchase overvalued stocks at a discounted price when the bear market is ending. 
  3. Don’t underestimate the emotional feeling of having safety nets in place. 
  4. You can increase your wealth by buying at the end of a bear market. 
  5. Being prepared for economic bad times as they are often related. 
  6. Understanding the bear market triggers an increase in your ability to understand the market.  
  7. Understanding minor corrections helps you not make quick, hasty decisions. 

In conclusion, embracing the benefits of understanding a bear market is not just about surviving financial storms but thriving amidst them. By gaining knowledge and insight into the dynamics of bear markets, investors can make informed decisions, and seize opportunities for long-term wealth accumulation. 

Now for the Good News! 

Bryan Johnson spent 16 years creating the book “Before the Bear Strikes” which explains in detail how to predict a bear market. This method is explained in detail with enough equations math experts will love, but clear enough for all to understand. 

Go to our website to see where and when Bryan Johnson, Author of the book “Before the Bear Strikes”, will be in person.  These in-person events are your opportunity to learn for yourself to predict the stock market with his proven equation. 

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It is a summary of the contents of the book, “Before The Bear Strikes,” which details exactly how to forecast bear markets.  This book is indispensable for any serious investor. 

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